Jackson & Clarke

Jackson & Clarke are the UK’s newest male and female vocal harmony duo. They also perform as the six-piece Jackson & Clarke Rock n Rodeo Band.

Jackson & Clarke came together in early spring 2017 after meeting through a radio station on social media. Paul contacted Liz and chatted about music. After listening to each other’s songs they agreed to try a duet as they both felt the vocals would blend and both wanted the same from the music they both do.

A few weeks later Liz asked Paul if he would record Let’s Make Love, a song which was a huge hit for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Liz felt the song would be good to test their vocals. Paul has perfect country rock voice and has an amazing range; Liz is pure clear vocal and thought it would be a great combination. However Paul was reluctant at the time but agreed because he is a singer/songwriter and wants to sing his own songs. Liz agrees of course… why not but let’s get out there with a well known song and get those voices on radio for people to hear.

There we have it, Jackson & Clarke – Let’s Make Love. Liz says “It took me weeks to get Paul to record, a lot of persuasion getting him into the studio while digging his heels in, but a gentle push and wow… results” and what a result. Paul is a perfectionist and spent a lot of time on this getting it just right and it has all paid off.

Paul Jackson is a well known, well established and very accomplished musician who has no end to his incredible musical capabilities. This shows in his performances.

Paul Jackson is a singer/songwriter from Sunderland and made his name in the early 90s with the fantastic Roadhouse. Roadhouse were an AOR band who made many appearances on MTV still to this day. Paul was front man lead singer/songwriter who wrote all songs on the Roadhouse Album and worked alongside Def Leppard original guitarist Pete Willis and fantastic drummer Frank Noon. Roadhouse had 5 top 20 hit songs, 2 of which charted top 10 in British Charts. Hell Can Wait charted no6 in the rock charts and Tower Of Love charted no9. The album Roadhouse charted no26 in Rock charts.

Tower of Love is featured on soundtrack & featured in scene in the movie HARLEY-DAVIDSON & MARLBORO MAN with Don Johnson and Micky Rourke

Paul then moved into the country scene as country music is the biggest genre of music and is getting bigger every year. In 1994 Paul had started Smith & Jackson country band with Jimmy Smith and they were one of the biggest new country bands in British country music. Paul took this band on the road. They were invited to the USA and were based in Phoenix, Arizona before being invited to play the Country Thunder tour.

The band played alongside some big names such as Lonestar, Brad Paisley, LeAnn Rimes and Toby Keith. From there Smith & Jackson appeared on TV programmes Good Morning Arizona, KLME Country and Steve Goddard Show. During his time in the States Paul played all over, his band opening for Freddie Fender, Bighouse Country Band &and the fantastic Junior Brown. Smith & Jackson were managed by former Kiss producer and manager Sean Delaney who sadly passed away in 2003.

Smith & Jackson split in 2007. Paul then worked as a solo artist and the other half of Kiss’s management Bill Aucoin came to the UK to hear Paul. He liked what he heard and flew Paul to Nashville to meet the very talented hit song writer Kostas Lararides who Paul has become great friends with and a song writing partner. What more could you ask for?

Paul has now teamed up with Scottish Female country vocalist Liz Clarke for the next chapter of his musical career

Scottish country Singer Liz Clarke was born Glasgow, now lives in central Scotland and has been on the Scottish music circuit for over 20 years.

Liz and her husband, who also plays keyboards, started their own band called Eclipse. It was a three-piece all-genres covers band with Liz on backing vocals, her husband on keyboard and guitarist Brian Douglas on lead vocals. The band became very busy with three to four shows per week making them one of the most successful bands in Scotland. After 4 years the young lead vocalist Brian left to get married so the trio became a duo with Liz on lead vocals. Still at top of their game with plenty of work coming in from venues around Scotland, Liz decided to form Stetsons & Heels country trio adding guitar again. Liz had a few guitarists and they then added country shows to the repertoire.

Eclipse and Stetsons & Heels are still performing today. Liz still plays shows with them regularly in Scotland.

In 2015 Liz’s career turned around and she was approached by Janey Kirk to appear on her TV show on Sky television’s Keep It Country music channel. To Liz this was huge. She had never recorded a song let alone appear on television so a decision was made and she accepted to appear.

Liz then had to book a studio and then the recordings began. It was the most nervous thing she had ever done. She got a few songs recorded then booked her slot on the show. During this time Liz had put some of her songs on Soundcloud, an online music app, and within a few days she was approached by T Jae Christian in Nashville. T Jae is a singer/songwriter, a successful artist in country music and owner of Universal Sounds Records. He asked Liz if she would record a duet with him. Liz could not believe her luck to be in the position to sing and record with a real Nashville artist and musician. She accepted and The Vanishing Breed was recorded. It charted No 2 in the European country music charts and this was the start of Liz moving into the country scene.

Liz then had many appearances on Sky TV and became a household name. Liz went on recording and released her second single Blue Skies Over Georgia written by Mark Moseley from Nashville. It charted No5 in the European chart. Liz continued to go from strength to strength with regular TV appearances and radio interviews and then came album number one, The Vanishing Breed. Released in 2016, it sold 200 copies in 6 months. By then Liz was becoming more in demand keeping in touch with the Nashville side with T Jae Christian guiding Liz in the correct direction. She took her music to the people of Ireland, had many number one songs in a couple of charts there, made some great friends tand supported Dominic Kirwan in London.

During 2016 Liz began her second album while still filming for the TV show. She also continued recording duets with T Jae and in August 2016 she travelled to Nashville to record with some fantastic musicians at The Sound Kitchen Studios with T Jae and Mark. Liz met some amazing people and was introduced to some great people in the music industry there including Roy August, Johnny Moore, Tommy Cash, Casey Anderson and many more.

On returning to the UK, Liz completed her second album in November and scheduled a launch show in Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry for May 2017. The album is called A Night At The Opry. Liz has achieved two albums. A third is on the way of originals. She has made numerous TV appearances, had numerous hits in and around the globe has made herself a recognised name in the music industry and this is just the beginning for her. After this great success, she met Paul Jackson and now their new chapter begins. Jackson & Clarke are a force of musical history and talents to be reckoned with and a new album is coming soon.