Jessica Falk

Jessica Falk is a Swedish country-pop singer, pianist and songwriter

With a life journey like few, she lets it be reflected in her lyrics and music.

Jessica was born in Sundsvall. At an early age, Jessica’s mother understood that she had a strong love for music and shortly before her 7th birthday, her parents bought her a piano.

Jessica does not like to put herself in a musical compartment, as there are influences of many different musical styles in her songs. You can hear a mix of pop, rock and country. The songs have come about through own life experiences or through meetings with people.

With her lyrics, her story and music, Jessica wants to empower people to dare to bet on what they believe in and take advantage of life.

Since 2010, Jessica has periodically spent a lot of time in Nashville, where she has built a large network of friends in the inner circle of award-winning and legendary musicians, producers and songwriters. This has resulted in 2 albums and several singles.

Early on, she met pianist and songwriter Bobby Wood (Dusty Springfield, Johnny Cash, LeAnn Rimes, etc.), who became her mentor. The revered legend has also been a mentor, songwriter and studio musician to superstar Garth Brooks throughout his career. Bobby was also a close friend and pianist of Elvis Presley. Jessica and Bobby have written numerous songs over the years in his songwriting studio on well-known Music Row.

In recent years, she has collaborated with producer Scott Baggett (Alison Krauss, Bonnie Raitt, Jeffrey Steel and others)and regularly records at the exclusive Addiction Sound Studios , owned throughout the years by Jonathan Cain (Journey) .

It all started when Jessica got in touch with Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry inductee Charlie McCoy, who invited her to Nashville to record with him and several of his fellow musicians. Her debut album, which Charlie also produced, features several legendary musicians.

With four songs in her back pocket, no record label and no management, she went to Nashville after standing at a crossroads after some tragic events. The musicians and Jessica found each other and after the album was completed in 2011, several of the musicians and songwriters wanted to start writing music with her. She has since been invited to write music in Nashville by several songwriters such as Bobby Wood, Dave Robbins, Charley Stefl, Scott Baggett, Tony Colton and many others.

She is known as the girl with the melodies in Nashville and over the years has performed as a guest with many musicians and artists in various places in the music city.

Jessica was also invited in 2014 to join superstar Garth Brooks in the studio on Music Row as he recorded his upcoming album while she was recording her second album.

There have been about twenty trips for Jessica since 2010, which she has spent in Nashville for both shorter and longer periods, and the musical journey only continues.

Several of Jessica’s songs have been noticed by radio stations in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Argentina and England.

In June 2023, Jessica released the Nashville-produced single “I Don’t Know Why”. The song is about forgiveness
and letting go and is based on events from Jessica ́s own life journey.
Jessica says, “I feel like I have finally found my true musical expression that embodies my joy for life and a new feeling within myself.”

Co-written by Jessica and Vip Vipperman (Emmylou Harris, LeAnn Rimes, Reba McEntire, and more), the new single was recorded at exclusive Addiction Studios in Nashville and produced by veteran Nashville producer Scott Baggett who has worked with many top artists like Alison Krauss, Hank Williams Jr, Dolly Parton and The Road Hammers and others over the years.

Co-writer Vip Vipperman says, “It’s a huge, unforgettable, unstoppable chorus with a moving story in the verses. Love conquers all and heals all and leads to pure joy in the chorus. Your voice, heart, and mind really shine here. It teaches us about love, forgiveness, and joy. I am blessed and highly favored to be your partner on this joyful celebration. A shiny new song with limitless possibilities. Thank you!”

In September 2023, Jessica released the EP “Survivors”. The EP was created with Nashville’s songwriter and music elite at Addiction Studios, which is also used by many stars including Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Journey. 

The EP was produced and co-written by Scott Baggett, known his work with Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Hank Williams Jr among many others in the country and rock fields. 

”It is always such a pleasure to work with Jessica! So good at everything she does in music.  Singing, playing, writing and performing- this is what she was born to do. Everyone that knows her here in Nashville loves her and I am sure it is that way everywhere she goes. This new recording project is her best yet.” says producer Scott Baggett.

Jessica says, “I hope with my new music to be able to inspire others to make the most of life, enjoying all that is possible, daring to reach for inner dreams and regret nothing”. As  Jessica’s lyric says,” We are all survivors in this life”.