Gary Mcgill

GARY McGILL was born in Cambridge, England. He first began his interest in singing and songwriting at the age of 16. He was brought up listening to great vocalists like Brooke Benton, Jim Reeves, Nat King Cole, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley and many more from his dad’s large record collection.

Gary is a self-taught musician and an avid songwriter. He emigrated to the USA when he was 17 and before long was singing in bars and clubs in Texas. He was encouraged to seek a career in music so pursued his ambitions, signed to a small independent record label in Texas as a singer songwriter and released 2 promotional singles. After teaming up with a publisher and sponsor, Gary moved to Nashville working with a few local publishers and pushing material. After some initial success he released another single and worked with several Nashville musicians. The single received a write-up in Billboard magazine and was played on several radio stations. Soon aftewards, Gary followed his family back to the England and settled back In the UK.

After several years away from music, Gary returned – playing pubs and clubs and continuing to write. He enjoys playing a variety of styles and recently has been using his spare time to produce music CD’s of some of his songs past and present.””

“”Pieces of My Life”” is a collection of Gary’s songs from past and present. It includes original country, easy listening, rock and blues.

Gary performs several of the tracks from the album at local clubs and pubs to appreciative audiences.

The album “”Blue Country”” was conceived in the winter of 2011 and completed in the spring 2012. It is an 11 track album with a good variety of material. The album includes original old classic sounding ballads such as “”Those Blues Eyes”” and “”Trains Don’t Stop Here No More”” to more contemporary songs such as “”Contradictory Heart”” and “”Love Me Not My Money””.

The album also includes a couple of cover tunes such as an upbeat version of “”Help Me Make It Through The Night”” and a slight variation to the Elvis classic “”My Wish Came True””. There is at times a rawness to the recordings which adds to a sense of a live feel. The final track “”Going Home”” is a good example of this.

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