Longstay are a young band playing a lively mix of country rock and Americana music, based out of their home city of Perth (Scotland). Originally formed as a trio in 2014, they quickly became regulars on the local music scene, and have grown to a 5 piece full country sound with the addition of drums, bass and keys. Despite having this 7 year pedigree on the live circuit, the average age of the band is only 20! 

Callum Campbell and Malcolm Swan, who front the band, have been playing music together for 8 years, and this shines through in their live performances where their interaction and ease is evident on stage. Their musical influences range from Creedence Clearwater through Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, right up to current day artists such as Jason Isbell, Brothers Osborne and Chris Stapleton. This heady mix is apparent in their own songs which formed the core of their debut album Calling Me Home.

2020 looked to be a promising year for the band, starting with studio time in January to lay down the next album to be released in the summer. Live gigs were on the up too, with bookings to play at C2C in Glasgow, several festival dates including the Tartan Heart festival, and a tour to the South of England and London to coincide with the release of the album. However with gigs cancelled, the band’s income and ability to finish and promote the album was curtailed, so the decision was made to postpone the releases until 2021. However, they still got together online and did some virtual gigs for their fans, playing a mixture of covers and their own songs. After multiple requests to release the tracks, and without access to a studio, they recorded their parts individually in their homes and these were mixed and released under their second album Quarantine Sessions – an entirely homegrown affair! 

2021 is shaping up to be a good return to playing and recording for the band. They are back to writing new material and gigs are starting to slide back into the calendar, including several low key socially distant festivals and a support slot later in the year with Scottish rock royalty Big Country.

In September 2021, Longstay won the UKCountryRadio.com Song of the Year Award for “Better Lands” at The UK Country Music Awards

In October 2020, Longstay released the single “Daydreaming”. It’s the fourth single from their pre-lockdown recording sessions.

In November 2022, Longstay released ‘All With You’ from their pre-COVID 2020 studio sessions. The song tells the story of a man dreaming of all the things he needs to do to make his partner’s life better, and realising that all they needs is each other. The upbeatis upbeat tune showcases the band’s evolvoing sound, firmly based in their Americana roots, but finidng a new energy to drive the music to new places.

Callum Campbell [Singer] said; “It’s great to finally get it out. We have been on a real journey getting it to it’s finished point. It’s always been great to play it live but our takes in the tracking stage never had a good vocal track. Weirdly that’s worked in our favour, because we’ve been gigging the song in the past couple of years, new ideas have been constantly coming through, so when
it came time to record the vocals we had so much more to give – but it was a bit strange singing along to my 19 year old self!”

Malcolm Swan [Guitar] said; ‘‘ All With You was one of the my favourite songs to record, it’s a got a real bounce to it. I love the fact that it is so simple and stripped back in its creation but still sounds big and lively. As per usual with our songs, harmonies play a big role and I really enjoyed getting to play with different options in the chorus”

In 2023, Longstay released the single “Your Name”. The captivating and emotionally-charged track combines electrifying guitar riffs, soulful vocals, and a driving rhythm section that will have listeners tapping their feet and singing along.

Longstay delivers an exciting and compelling track that explores themes of struggle, emotional expression, and a sense of disconnect. While showcasing a slightly different side of the band, “Your Name” maintains their signature sound. 

Spotlight UK Artist interview: March 2024