Graham Clark

GRAHAM CLARK is a popular singer-songwriter who enjoys touring throughout the UK.

He has recently released a new self-titled album. Tracks on the album include “”Friends And Family””, written by Graham about what matters most in life.

“”I’m Not Inclined”” is also written by Graham and features heartfelt pedal steel licks from British player Keith Buck.

“”Who’s Gonna Hold Me”” is written by British songwriter Lorna Flowers who now lives in Nashville. Graham has always wanted to record this song since Lorna played the demo to him while they were co-writing.

“”Her Favourite Song (The Oo La Song)”” is possibly Graham’s most commercial song yet. It is written by Lorna Flowers together with Marghie Evans and Lisa Medill.

The album, which is available from our Online Music Store was produced in the UK by Tony Dallas. “”I’m really pleased with my latest work with Tony,”” says Graham. “”Tony lives close to me so we can spend more time working on songs and ideas before recording, rather than rushing which can happen when distance is involved in the process.

Graham has enjoyed extensive international airplay and chart success in the European country music charts with his first album “”Between Clark And Nashville””. The album was recorded in Nashville and is also available from our Online Music Store.

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