Ayesha Pontin

Ayesha Pontin is a pianist, vocalist and plays the guitar.

Ayesha’s albums are all self-written and self-produced. She describes herself as “a bit of a control freak”. She also films and edits all her music videos – two of which have been successful on the film festival circuit as short films in their own right.

For Ayesha, music and the art that accompanies it go hand in hand for her.

Growing up she was inspired by Dwight Yoakam as he writes, sings, plays, produces and even directs his own videos. Ayesha has also always strived to do all of those things, all be it on a much smaller scale, and much tighter budget!

2014 saw the release of Ayesha’s self-penned, self-produced debut album “A Thousand Shores”. The album was a labour of love with Ayesha writing many of the songs for the album whilst travelling and performing around Australis and America where she struggled to find somewhere to call home.

The second album has been every bit as much of a labour of love as the first. It took six years from the release of “A Thousand Shores” to make the album “Nocturne” for release in September 2020.

The album contains 10 songs – most of them capturing some of the darkest times Ayesha has endured in the past few years. Most songs began their journey to the studio written at the piano in quiet of the night, and then they evolved with the live band into the finished studio tracks.


Ayesha says: “It’s a dark album, but not a sad one. Music is hope, expression, salvation, redemption. You can lose yourself in a song, and find yourself again. I lost myself in the writing, and found myself in the recording, of this album. The last song ‘The space between the stars’ being the light at the end of the dark journey. It’s always darkest just before the dawn.

“We had a great time in the studio, the album took 10 days to make. The band and I are a family- some of us have played together for over 10 years. We’re looking forward to taking the new album on the road as soon as we can. To share it live on stage, where it belongs.”