Sandy Peter


Hello and welcome to my page.

Song writing has been my hobby for a number of years now and, like most hobbies, this pastime provides me with a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.

I would describe myself as a shy guy and certainly not an extrovert in any way; I would say I am compassionate and emphatic to people’s feelings and situations. I appreciate nature and the countryside and enjoy every season and the changes it brings. I can’t say that I don’t wish for spring on the dark November afternoons, but I’ve lived long enough to know that spring will come again and be here before we know it.

I am currently working in the oil industry, but I cut my teeth on the farm and still have my roots firmly in agriculture. I grew up and still live in the country. City life has no appeal for me.

“”Country Songs”” is my first album; it is a selection of songs that I have written over the years. I write the songs at home, mostly starting with a hook phrase or line for the chorus and then working out the chords and key that fits best with the guitar. I then build on the song from there.

Once I have the rough format and structure of the song, I go along to my local studio and play the song for Steve Ransom who creates the musical arrangement to accompany the song. Steve owns the studio and performs the role of musical arranger, producer, backing musician and harmony singer. He is a truly talented guy who has managed to capture the feeling in every song.

I am pleased to introduce my second album entitled “Since 1959”. This album contains a few more songs that I have written. The songs were born mostly out of experiences and events that have coloured my life since the year of my birth, 1959.

When you redecorate your living room, everybody thinks it looks good when it’s finished, but you yourself know where the bad bits are and all you can see are the mistakes. Writing for me feels very much like that: there is always something that I think I could have been done better and when I listen to all the talented artists played on I do feel a bit like a cyclist turning up at a motorbike convention, but I guess the cyclist is who I really am so I’ll just keep pedalling.

Country music seeps into your soul and the more you listen to it the more you appreciate the honesty in the music.

I hope you enjoy the songs from this album that will be featured over the next few months.

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