Jim Luke

Music is JIM LUKE’s life. He walks to rhythms, thinks in lyrics, and dreams with melodies.

Jim’s music journey began banging pots and pans before he could even walk. He progressed to a drums kit and by age 15 was in a working band, playing fairs and festivals in NW Missouri and SW Iowa. He has since logged hundreds of hours performing and many hours in the studio.

Jim began writing lyrics as a teen and took to the piano and guitar to complete the songwriting. He has since written hundreds of songs.

Angel That Fell is a 4 song EP from 12 choice songs. Jim’s goal is to record the other 8 songs and release all 12 on a cd/album.

The EP is a brew of country & rock, with no sad songs and no slow songs. It consists of:

“Dear Beer” – a two-stepping sing-along party song.

“Rev It Up” – a high-energy song about motorsports.

The title track “Angel That Fell” – a southern-rocker with attitude.

And “That’s My Whiskey on Your Breath” – a comical story-song about everyone sippin’ on Jim’s whiskey…including the dog Elvis. Jim has always admired a story-song and feels that country music has a shortage of story songs. It was also a fun challenge to write a concise yet complete story-song.

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