Will “Big Dawg” Downie

Hey Y’all, I am the original UK BigDawg, taking my nickname from one of my most favorite, if sometimes controversial, country Music Artists Toby Keith.

I got into Country Music in a big way in 2006, when my best friend the Kernow Cowboy gave me a compilation album of some country music to listen to. Yes this CD sat in my draw for months and even got lost at one point, until I put it in my car and then I could not stop playing the music that was on the CD. One of the first tracks on there was Toby Keith “Should have been a cowboy”. Since that point my country music collection is now over 350 CD’s.

Will at CMA Fest 2009Since getting into Country Music, I have had the privilege of going to the CMAFest in 2007. I could not get enough of the music and have been back to the CMAFest every year since then. There is nothing more friendlier than getting together with another 250,000 people from around the world who are as passionate about country music as I am.

Since Country Music is not well played on UK radio, I set myself an ambition to have a country music show on local radio and managed to get a slot on a Sunday morning on a local radio station and I have now been on air since October 2008.

Since then I have got bitten by being a presenter on radio and now have the great opportunity afforded to me on UKCountryRadio.com to present various shows.

Join Will every Saturday from 6pm for UKCountryRadio.com Interactive, including half an hour of Hardcore Country.