The Cutlers Of Cornwall

The Cutlers of Cornwall was formed in October 2007. The band is fronted by Greg ‘Timber’ Woods, previously with The Cornish Wurzells, who started as The Cutlers’ tuba player, but has somehow ended up playing the banjo and other strummin’ things. Greg also takes the lead vocals. He is followed by Dave ‘Scrumpymad’ Knightley who is the band’s keyboard maestro. As well as providing backing vocals, Dave sings the lead on those songs too high for Greg’s vocal range (on account that his pants are very tight!). The trio is completed by Martin ‘Tudor’ Rose. Martin has taken over Greg’s role as tuba player and also sings backing vocals – although not at the same time. Martin also handles lead vocals on songs that are too high-pitched for either Greg or Dave (as he has really tight pants!).

The band now has a fourth member, Gerty – a 4ft stuffed Holstien who has become the band’s mascot. She has already survived kidnap attempts, zider spillages, and is constantly being asked for a dance; suitors are normally accepted on the condition that they treat her like the true lady she is!

The band released their debut CD The Cutlers At Christmas in December 2007. It featured some of the band’s own aural delights such as Rusty The Cowman, Christmas Torn and Christmas as well as four classic Scrumpy & Western evergreens. This went down well and spawned the band’s follow-up CD Behind Bars which was released in March 2008. Behind Bars is a mix of Adge Cutler favourites, Cornish Classics and some more of the band’s songs such as Sea of Cowpats. Add to this a bit of Benny Hill and George Formby and you will get a flavour of what a night with The Cutlers Of Cornwall would be like – indeed many of the songs featured on Behind Bars form the foundation for their live set. The band’s third CD, A Country Life, was released on 30th June 2008. This CD has three Wurzel evergreens, one Cornish Classic – Trelawney, which is the national anthem of Cornwall, a cover of What A Wonderful World included because the band like it – and no less than nine “”Cutlers”” originals and parodies. This CD breaks new ground for the band, as it is being launched in America through online retailer CD Baby. The band has plans for two more album releases in the next year.

In 2009, the band went into overdrive by launching two CD’s on the same day, “”One and All”” contains all of the songs that brings a tear to the Cornish Expats with gems like Let The Lower Lights, Silver Dollar and Railroad. Added to this is “”Faraway”” the bands latest release. the launch was timed to coincide with “”St Pirans Day”” which is celebrated every year, St Piran, An Irish Monk was tied to a millstone, and thrown from a cliff into stormy sea’s, but the sea became calm, the stone floated, and St Piran found himself in Cornwall. What a great story – Google it for yerself and see.

“”Through The Ages”” is a celebration of music from a number of genres but contains “”Its A Sin To Tell A Lie”” and the Jim Reeves favourite “”Welcome To My World””, done as only the Cutlers can (oh arr)!!! The CD also contains “”The Lady Is A Tramp””. This choice was inspired by “”Gerty”” The bands pet COW! By all accounts she will chase any old BULL!

In September 2009 The Cutlers of Cornwall released their first full country album – Cutler Country. The album features some covers of classic country songs as well as a handful of originals. At the same time, The Cutlers releaseda seven-track album SnowflakesAreKisses From Angels, pledging £5 from each sale to the Precious Lives Appeal,raising moneyfor a children’s hospice in Cornwall.

The Cutlersof Cornwall lead singer Greg Woods has formed a not for profit community interest company, and is using music as a therapy for people living with dementia and people recovering from a stroke. He has developed a new instrument and method called SAM,who’s prototype is alreadyhelpingmany people.

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