Jason Arnup

Jason Arnup is from Hexham, Northumberland. Born June 2002, he had a love for music when he was little. After losing his sister at a young age Jason started to play guitar and fell in love with it. 

In the summer of 2017, aged 15, Jason started to do gigs which helped him gain more and more confidence. Music distracted him from school. He left at the end of year 11 to chase his dreams. 

A few years on, Jason is a regular performer and entertainer doing gigs every weekend across the north of England.


In October 2021, aged 19, Jason released his first studio album It’s A Little Too Late.

After five years of solo gigs, in March 2023 Jason formed a three-piece band and more bookings started to come in. In February 2024 he added an extra member to the lineup

In 2024, Jason released his second album Jet To The Promised Land. He has also written and released his own songs including I’ll Never Drink Again, Zoe and It’s Time to Dance. 

Jason is excited about what the next few years have install for him.