Mikie Henderson

Scottish-born artist MIKIE HENDERSON shares stories on love, loss and life to connect withand inspire fans across the world. Mikie’s traditional Scottish culture and American countrymusic influences have fused to create a unique and modern sound.

Mikie graduated from Heriot Watt University with a Master’s Degree in Electrical andElectronic Engineering in 2017. 14 months later, lacking both fulfilment in life and theability to connect with people through music, he quit his engineering job to begin a full-timecareer in music.

Mikie was born on 14th May 1994 in Wick to the background music of English rock bandSmokie’s hit Wild Angels . From that very first moment on earth, he was destined to go onto grow his love of music. At an early age Mikie got into country music with early influencessuch as Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson and George Jones. Outside ofcountry music Mikie is inspired by the music of Queen, The Proclaimers and CreedenceClearwater Revival.

Mikie’s biggest influences are Brad Paisley and Eagles .

Mikie was the front man of popular country band The Chicken Pickers who, over thecourse of their career, played on the same bill as country stars such as Gene Watson,Leona Williams, Highway 101 and Heather Myles. Mikie featured on numerous episodesof BBC Alba’s programme Ceol Country and has appeared several times on Spotlight TV.

Mikie’s debut single “”If Only”” is an expressive and poignant story of love loss told from a nostalgic and apologetic point of view, yet through the musicalarrangement delivers hope and optimism.

This song was originally planned to be a follow-up release, but Mikie felt that perhapslisteners could relate to the lyrics in a different way during these uncertain times in 2020.“If Only I could make this right” could resonate with the way a lot of people are thinking in2020 and for this reason, Mikie decided to make this song his debut single.

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