Ken Gardner

Ken Gardner is a country music singer from Nottingham. Many words can describe Ken – father, husband, raconteur – but none of them truly encapsulate the life lived and the experiences had. Through singing, Ken has brought all of these lessons learned and produced music of the most emotive quality.  

Ken’s debut single ‘Hurts Every Time’ was played on radio stations around the world in over 20 countries to great acclaim. It placed in the Hotdisc Charts, reaching number 5 in the British and Irish Hotdisc Country Charts and number 15 in the Worldwide Hotdisc Top 40.

Ken also received outstanding reviews of his music. Here is a small selection of them:  

‘Interesting voice, very good song’ 8/10 – Radio Sotra, Norway
‘Impressed me’ 9/10 – Triangle FM, France
‘Impressive debut’ 8/10 – Radio Welle Niederrhein, Germany
‘Excellent’ 10/10 – QBN FM Radio, Australia
‘This is very good’ 8/10 – Myriam Perdaens, Cool FM, Belgium
‘Great new talent’ – Radio Avesta, Sweden

Ken may well record again. However, he has recorded music that will be played by fans for years to come and music that will be played regularly on radio stations all over the world.