Mr Plow

Hailing from the urban anonymity of the English Midlands, The MR PLOW band is currently made up of – Mr. Plow (vocals/guitar), Sgt. Thorley (guitar), The Crusher (drums) and Flame Boy (bass).

Murderbilly, Gothic Country, Americana Noir are just three of the terms sort of useful in sort of describing the music of Mr Plow.

The band first released an EP (“”Four Murder Ballads””) on PinkBox Records (2008), securing them a live session for Mark Lamarr on BBC Radio 2.

Their debut album The Book of Common Despair was released the following year to several excellent reviews and features in the Americana press, plus copious radio play, righteously earned through many hours traipsing up and down the country to promote it. Both The Guardian and The Sunday Times namechecked Mr Plow in articles citing the best of UK Americana: “Leicestershire’s own Man In Black” proclaimed The Sunday Times!

Mr Plow’s second album Joyful In Song Are We was released in July 2011, and was reviewed very nicely by many nice people. The band again played a raft of gigs in support of the release, which included them being cited as ‘Moment of the Weekend’ at Moseley Folk Festival. The second album also saw Mr Plow rated as one of Europe’s most ‘intriguing’ Americana acts by the US Americana site ‘The Alternate Root’.

It’s 2014 and they’re unleashing album number three! Not The Beginning, Not The End is available on limited edition coloured 12″” vinyl (300 copies) plus digital download. It will be available to buy from selected record stores, plus direct from PinkBox Records. They’ll be playing a whole crop of dates to go with it…

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