Chris Hamilton

Just as country music has made a major impact on him, English singer-songwriter Chris Hamilton is ready to return the favour with his own unique style and vision of a genre which has fueled his passions since a child.

Not that Chris is a newcomer to creating ear-grabbing country music over recent years but he is about to take things to another level with his solo adventure.”

At the age of four, Chris picked up his first guitar, having already been under the seduction of country music along with his brother and sister by his father playing John Denver songs on the landing at bedtime. His own guitar craft developed as he learned to play along with songs from the likes of Eagles, Garth Brooks, and Alan Jackson. Leap forward seven or so years and Chris was touring the UK as guitarist in his father’s band and experiencing numerous country music venues and festivals being more than once declared the “Musician of the Weekend”.

If it had not already, it is fair to say that country music had consumed his imagination and heart by this point with his vocal ability, as it matured, given moments to shine in the band with Chris focusing on singing Keith Urban songs, an inspiration which continues to stir his imagination.

From there Chris went on to be part of country band Waylander who released a couple of well-received albums and had a host of videos featured on Country Music Television, the outfit subsequently announced as one of the UK’s top country acts. All the time his own ideas and adventure in creating and writing country music was developing and beginning to show real character in the duo Hamilton who went on to record an album with legendary Bellamy Brothers guitarist and producer Randy Heibert in Canada.

Constantly honing his craft, never resting on his creative laurels, it was all leading to the moment Chris stepped out alone. As he revealed songs acclaim gathered around them, all potent teasers to his highly anticipated debut EP “Day After Day”. The unveiling of the single “Rescue Me” and “While You Can” as a prelude to his first solo EP saw him indeed described as the UK Keith Urban but equally they revealed an individual sound and prowess which commanded attention and plaudits from a great many with among them Way Out Radio announcing “Rescue Me” is a most delightful track that comes straight from the heart” while Simon Wilson from 103.9 Southampton’s Voice FM as a great many other shows and stations summed things up quite simply with “Really like this track! Great voice!”

Chris’ debut EP “Day After Day” was produced by Aidan Thompson and recorded at Elliot Kennedy’s Steel Works Studios in Sheffield. It includes appearances from such acclaimed musicians like Sarah Jory, one of the world’s top pedal steel players and epitomizes his continuing growth in writing and sound as well as the instinctive catchiness and raw emotion he fuels his songs with. It calls to the heart, flirts with the body and reveals in little more than three minutes just why Chris Hamilton brings a fresh breath to UK country music.

“I have lived and breathed country music all my life and make no apologies for the fact that I am from the UK and sound English and not American. I am proud to launch my debut UK Country EP “Day After Day”. Chris Hamilton, UK Country Artist…