Donny Richmond Jr

DONNY RICHMOND JR of the US is no stranger to the world of performing. Having grown up around the stages and settings of his dad, Donny Richmond, being in the company of legendary performers feels quite normal to him.

Donny’s dad is a multi-award winning country and gospel artist, a recipient of The Living Legend Award, with numerous #1 chart hits internationally. As a baby, Donny Richmond Jr was caressed by greats such as Barbara Mandrell, The Jordanaires, and Nashville’s finest musicians, and was singing at age 2 on his dad’s syndicated TV program.

One show in particular found young Donny performing such songs as “Jesus Loves The Little Children” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Now, in 2014, it appears newly turned 15 year old Donny is himself set to be the newest bright star on the horizon!

From the age of 6, Donny Richmond Jr appeared in acting and singing roles in the “Heartbreak Holiday” Christmas TV feature, and other programs which have aired on national TV networks around the globe. He has spent his early years in Nashville, and currently Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, home of Dolly Parton and Dollywood.


In 2010, at age 11, Donny Jr was on hand when his dad was chosen to induct Dolly Parton into the Country Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

Donny Jr’s accomplishments include public speaking, having been heard giving a recitation with the Smoky Mountain Cowboy Church on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, WWCR, and Music City Television. He was the winner at age 10 of a 4-H speech contest, and, at age 8, fearlessly gave a testimony to approx. 1,500 people at the area’s largest church.

As a young teenager, Donny Jr’s interests in music and TV have taken on new dimensions. Having shared ideas with his dad about his favorite songs, both decided that “Pray” would be ideal for a duet.

Donny Richmond Jr continues to love family style TV. Pictured recently is Donny Jr visiting with Disney star Peyton List of “Hey Jessie”.

“Pray” features Donny Richmond Jr and Donny Richmond (pictured) in their first vocal collaboration released to the public, distributed in more than 30 countries.