Karen Eden

Whether it’s Disney soundtracks, country music Radio ID’s, or national television commercials, KAREN EDEN’s versatility and experience as a singer songwriter and session vocalist has made her a regular on the L.A. session circuit.””””

Born in England but raised in Australia, Karen began her professional career at age 15 singing TV jingles as well as back-up vocals for major Aussie artists such as Kylie Minogue and the Models among others. She was the original female lead vocalist for the popular and long-running Home and Away soap opera theme.

Soon afterward, she moved back to England and continued her session career working with the likes of William Orbit,Jaeger-LeCoultre Replica Watches Chris Rea and Michael McDonald and was booked regularly by Simon Cowell for various projects. She was also the voice behind many advertising campaigns.

It was there that she began writing songs and carving out a career as an artist in her own right. She co-wrote and sang two songs on Italian composer Saro Cosentino’s album “”Ones and Zeros”” – one of which was featured in the movie Sfiorarsi.

When her band Eden a.k.a was signed to Columbia Records in New York, she moved to the United States. Their debut album and successful radio single “”Not Your Enemy”” was produced by David Kershembaum (Tracy Chapman) and also featured a cover version of Stephen Stills’ song “”Helplessly Hoping”” on which he contributed guitar. The band toured with Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair for two consecutive years and appeared on music shows on VH1 and CNN.

She continues to work, write and record with various producers and songwriters like Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil (Disney, Nickelodeon), award-winning custom music house GrooveWorx, Saro Cosentino and Jeff Silbar (Wind Beneath My Wings) to name a few.

Karen enjoys singing to an audience and has a successful career playing venues throughout Southern California. In addition to her steady work as a session singer, Karen has started a new series of songs for an upcoming EP. This includes her country hit,www.clockswatch.com “Run the Show”, a co-write with TERRY GORKA, which reached #6 on the Independent Country Songs chart in the US in January 2015.

Terry saw and heard The Beatles in 1964 on the Ed Sullivan show and told his parents he was finished with the classical piano lessons and wanted to play guitar. That was a long time ago …

Since then he has had a long road through the music business that began in junior high and high school in Southern California with cover bands playing songs by The Doors, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and Buffalo Springfield to name a few. He began writing his own music in 1966 and was offered his first recording contract that same year.

Eventually, at the age of 22, after spending a year in a soul-searching personal journey traveling around Western Europe and the Greek Islands, he did agree to an arrangement in Switzerland of all places and his first group of original songs was recorded at last.

Terry continued his travels in Australia where he signed with Warner Bros. publishing and WEA Records for distribution. The record was a mild success in Australia and one of the tracks made it onto an American movie. He spent the majority of his time playing live gigs 6 or 7 nights a week.

In 1985 he moved again to London and got a rude awakening when he realized how difficult it wasto break into the mainstream music biz there. He told one interviewer at an early pitch to find a publisher, “I’m from the US.” The publisher’s candid replay was, “So what?” Terry persevered and landed a deal with Carlin Music Publishers where he collaboratedand produced a number of great songs for a variety ofpop artists including SarahCracknell (Saint Etienne), Judy Boucher, Cossiand manymore. Hewas alsoinvolved in club remixes anddeveloping young songwriters for his publisher.

Hefinallymade itback to the US where he settled in Chicago and changed directions working with ad agencies like Leo Burnett (Kelloggs, McDonalds, Budweiser) writing and producing music for commercials. He also discovered the new indie sounds of bands like the Smashing Pumpkins and worked with the talented indie songwriter, actor and vocalist, Lee Sellars, producing a number of notable tracks including, “Me and You”, “In the Dark” and “Just Like Angels.”

After nearly 20 years on the road Terry returned to Southern California where the sun is always shining and it never rains … but there are a few fires and earthquakes to keep you on your toes. Things fell into place rather quickly. It started by assembling the pieces of his personal life into something that had value. He met the love of his life, reconciled with his daughter (born in Australia), inherited a new daughter and started a business.

At the urging of his wife he rekindled his music career in 2010. Since then he has developed a collaboration with artists locally and internationally – creating and producing music in a number of styles – orchestrations with traditional classic instruments, ambient, country, folk, rock (classic and modern), retro pop, blues and jazz. With his two main partners, Ken Stange (Joe Cocker, Paul Anka, Roger Miller, Oscar Peterson) and Armand John Anthony (New Liberty, Mandex, Captains Quarters Studio) Terry has had great help in fleshing out his song and compositional ideas with each of their unique and very different music backgrounds. There are have been many other new artists and writers also involved.

Together they have secured over 100 licenses with various music libraries that have placed source music on all the major American network and cable television stations as well as most of the major motion picture production companies.

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