Grace Palmer

Welcome to my musical journey!  I’m Grace Palmer, a proud country music songstress from Birmingham. 

With 40 years of life’s hills and valleys behind me, I’m excited to be embracing this new chapter in my career as I release my very first album! Join me as I share my heart and stories through the captivating melodies of country music. 

After spending years touring in an Americana production, and numerous visits to my favourite place in the world – Nashville – I’m diving into the country music scene, and hoping to pick up a cowboy at the same time. 

A sad Christmas 2 years ago, my mom passed away. We’re such a tight knit family, I felt it to the depths of my soul, and it tore my world apart. A few months ago, my dad graciously gave me some money which my mom had left behind in a bank account, and there was just enough there to record a couple of songs. 

I thought a lot about how to spend the money, and, as my mom was a guitarist herself, I knew this would make her really happy! She was always my biggest fan. I wrote this song about losing my mom, so it’s pretty sad. I actually cried a lot while writing it and, when I received the final version, there were more tears as, for me, it truly encapsulates the pain of loss of my wonderful mom, but also the beauty in me knowing she is now with God. 

“By His Side”, the title of the song, means by God’s side. And that’s how I like to think of her, it gives me peace. I know she’d be so proud and I have released this track on 8th March 2024 for Mothers Day weekend in her memory. I hope this touches others and brings them peace at this time of year if they’re missing a loved one.

Follow along on my TikTok and Instagram as I give you behind-the-scenes glimpses of the creative process, sneak peeks of upcoming releases, and heartfelt moments on stage.

I believe that music has the power to unite, uplift, and heal. So, let’s join hands and embark on this musical journey together. Let’s celebrate the beauty of life, love, and all the magic that country music brings!