The band Odynson is the brainchild of music producer Kevan Eveleigh who is based in Cardiff, UK.

In the absence of normality during the lockdown he formed a nomadic internet band of guest artists from all around the world. Many of the song vocals have been recorded by artists based in Nashville or with strong country music connections.

Musicians and vocalists have predominantly come from USA, England, Wales, Ireland, Italy and USA, to name a few.

Remarkably, none of the contributors have ever met or had a conversation. Each artist supplies their part to Kevan digitally …………whether it’s vocals, lead guitar, harmonica, violin, drums and percussion, saxophone etc.

Once the song is created it is then sent to Australia where each song is mastered before making it’s way back to Cardiff via the internet.

The latest single is the incredibly catchy “Last Chance”. This has seen great success and has helped Odynson to establish a global following. There is a great full length video too. 

To date twelve songs have been completed and Odynson is planning to release an album either later this year or early in 2023 on the back of their current wave of popularity.

Kevan writes all the lyrics to the songs and then produces the full studio recording.

Every song contains a story or message for the listener.

Kevan is especially interested to hear from any bands or vocalists who would like to cover his songs and if you fancy it he has the backing tracks and lyrics ready for you – all you have to do is go to www.odynson.co.uk and ask!

Odynson’s next single is “Nearest Thing to Perfect” and is released on 3rd July on Spotify. It’s that familiar foot tapping catchy melody that you’ll be singing all day long once you hear it.