Jamie Pritchard

I’m Jamie Pritchard and I am a singer-songwriter from Poole, Dorset.
 Music has always been a part of my life from early days of dancing around the kitchen to Bruce Springsteen and singing in Churches, pubs and living rooms, to studying Record Production at University, songs always have, and always will play an integral part in my life. 

I believe that songs are of enormous importance, ‘music takes words into our souls without asking for permission’, and so I sing songs about the things I care about, songs about Jesus, songs about hope, songs that change narratives, songs of prayer and of storytelling. Thank you for being part of the journey with me.

My latest EP ’Tapestry’ is a collection of songs produced by the awesome Nathan Jess and with amazing players on it, like Nate Dugger on pedal steel (of Drew Holcomb & The Neighbours). It is a collection of songs all with the message that is core to my life that God wants to take our broken lives and make them beautiful again. From tunes like ‘Alabaster Jar’ and ’Shadowlands’ that will get you tapping on the steering wheel, to intimate tracks like ‘My Jesus’.