Gerrie & Ron

Gerrie & Ron have been a duo for over more than 25 years.

Ron started solo and at the age of 25 he became the regular keyboard player in the band “Memory” where he met his wife Gerrie. “Memory” was performing 3 to 4 times a week throughout The Netherlands and in Germany. After the band Memory stopped, Gerrie and Ron moved on. As a duo they performed at various occasions, with an audience between 50 and 750 people.

For 16 years Gerrie & Ron have also performed in the Sauerland region of Germany where they were welcome musicians in the various hotels and various occasions. After more than 20 years playing the keyboards Ron has decided to stop and start working with backing tapes.

Through their many years of experience, Gerrie and Ron have embraced various music styles and this shows during their performances. They are always of good quality, surprisingly varied and brought with power and a lot of fun.

In 2022, Gerrie and Ron released the single “Little Darling Dance With Me”. It’s the first official song written, arranged and produced by Martin Sterken who also revived their previous single “Come on Baby” with success. It’s played worldwide and has even reached the semi-finals in the singer / songwriter contest of Unsigned Only in Nashville in the Americana category.

“Little Darling Dance With Me” is a wonderful Americana song with influences of the Texas Tornados with a very small touch of The Mavericks . The beautiful arrangements immediately give you that Mexican cantina feeling, that guarantees fun, delicious food, drinks and music that makes you want to dance.

Gerrie and Ron say, “Thanks to Martin we have finally found our own sound and music style that we are passionate about. He has fully understood us, we are happy with this and grateful for it.” “Together with the entire team who we are allowed to work with, we’re going to have a great time and fully enjoy it.” 

In October 2022, Gerrie and Ron performed at the ‘Elvis in Memory’ show with Kees Versluys and friendswhere they were asked to perform Elvis’ movie hits and country songs as a duo. They were asked by organisers Fairytale Productions if they wanted to record cover of an Elvis song. Of course they said yes and the song ‘I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here’ from the movie ‘Fun In Acapulco’ was chosen. 

Gerrie and Ron were asked if they also wanted to record the song in Dutch. They got to work with their producer Martin Sterken and and used some of the original lyrics but also added new lines that relate to Gerrie and Ron. 

“It was a great honor to be asked for this. It is not just a cover of a song but a song by The King of Rock and Roll and that is really special,” say Gerrie and Ron. “We are very proud of the end result of both versions. They have already received many compliments and the song is being picked up well.”