Johnny One Eye

Forget Route 66! Follow the A131 from Braintree to Haverhill, through the wild, hillbilly borderlands of Essex and Suffolk. Emerging from the badlands, a trio of redneck wanderers, recreatingthe American rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm ‘n’ blues sound with an edgy twenty first century twist. A meld of blisterin’ guitar, growlin’ bass and thunderin’ drums, overlaid with gritty three part vocals, tellin’ a story of modern life, real people, dirty deeds and how it all just sucks!!

An all original band, Mark Oneye (Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Cigarbox, Lead Vocals), Stuart Oneye (Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals), John Oneye (Drums, Percussion, Mandolin, Backing Vocals), play their own take on Texas rhythm ‘n’ blues, in a vein similar to Creedence, Black Keys, Steve Earle, Springsteen and ZZ Top. Colored with a wide base of influences, from J.J. Cale, Creedence, ZZ Top, via rockabilly styles and beyond all the way through to Motorhead. All of this spot-welded into an unstoppable, super-charged, diesel-powered, rail road train of RHYTHM, a commentary on the state of the world, to grab you by the throat and shake you to the core.

Already with two albums and music regularly featured on B.B.C. Radio Northampton, Pass River Radio (Michigan, USA), and on all popular streaming services, Mark, John and Stuart continue to produce new music tackling anything that wanders into the crosshairs, with a dark humour and scathing wit, cloaked in hard drivin’ rhythm ‘n’ blues, delivered like a diesel powered freight train.

In 2012, the band’s first release was a three track EP titled ‘Johnny One Eye’. This was followed up in 2013 by ‘Medication Blues’, a ten track offering, available as either cd or download. In 2015 came album number two, ‘Dirty’. Dirty by name and Dirty by nature, a study of religion, politics, sex, crime, war and drugs. Some of the songs feature ‘Johnny One Eye’ himself, an outlaw renegade and dirty trickster. He’d sell his granny, pimp his girl, no price too high, no deed too low, lurking in the dark backwaters of the soul.

Now Johnny’s back! The difficult third album, ‘Here Comes Johnny’, defining the Johnny One Eye sound. A development in musical style and production (the band produce all their own music – from writing to recording, mixing and mastering and final release to the world). Hear the rhythm, decipher the story, dare to march to a diff’rent beat and join the revolution. Johnny’s a comin’, ready or not………

All of the band’s back catalog is available from the webshop on CD or as digital download. Also available as download from all reputable web-stores (e.g. iTunes, Amazon etc) and available on all reputable streaming services.

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