Larissa Tormey

LARISSA TORMEY is a classically trained vocalist, pianist and a brilliant songwriter.

 Though Larissa spent her formative years in her native Moscow, she is enjoying life in rural Ireland from which she takes much inspiration for her music.

She is a professional singer-songwriter with extensive experience in both composing, writing lyrics and performing on stage. Her unique style both in writing and singing will certainly draw your attention.

In 2001 she moved from the busy city of Moscow, to the quieter countryside in Ireland. Living on a rural farm has given Larissa a new way of writing music that is influenced by classical, contemporary, jazz, pop and folk music.

In June 2014, Larissa was accepted as a guest singer at YOUBLOOM Global Music Village, a music conference event for the best international artists, in Dublin.

In November 2014 Larissa released her debut album in English “Perfect As I Am”. The release came quite soon after her “”Doors to Joy”” EP, which rolled out to critical acclaim. Her debut album was recorded at Ventry Studios with producer and all round talented guy, David McCune. Backing musicians include Gavin Murphy (musical director and pianist) and Bill Shanley, (guitar) who has worked with music titans such as Ray Davies, Mary Black and Sinead O’Connor.

“Perfect As I Am” is a slick, well-produced debut album and Tormey’s impressive and powerful voice stays with you and warrants a proper and close listen.

Her Charity Christmas Single “Special Christmas” released in December 2014 in aid of “Special Needs Parents Association” Ireland, was named among the 6 top Christmas Singles by the Irish Independent. Larissa spends a lot of time working for charities and fundraising for different causes that are dear to her heart.

In 2015 Larissa was persuaded by her friend, Belfast songwriter B.G.Pollock, to record her first country single “Only A Woman”, written by him and released 1st of February 2015. The song reached the Top 100 AirPlay country singles in the first week of its release and was premiered on the Hot Country TV channel.

Her next country single “We’re In Love”, written by UK songwriter Phil Taylor was released 7th of July 2015 and had a lots of airplay in Ireland, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Larissa’s single “My Love is Like a River” was released 17th of August 2015 . This new song was written by Larissa herself. The video for the song was premiered on Hot Country Channel along with her interview right after the release date.

Then, in October 2015, Larissa released “A Long Time Coming”, a song written by Belfast-based writer B.G.Pollock.

These singles were also recorded at Ventry Studios by producer Dave McCunne. Guitarist from Northern Ireland Dave Molloy and world class pedal steel guitarist from UK Sarah Jory added an unforgettable country feel to this lively song and Larissa’s powerful voice.


The story of the Russian professional singer from Moscow, who first married an Irish farmer, then fell in love with Irish rural life, and finally become an Irish country singer is fascinating and very unusual…