Charlotte Elizabeth

Charlotte Elizabeth is a country music promoter and also a songwriter.

Charlotte, the owner of CEI Events, has been promoting country music and helping new and emerging artists find a stage for their performances for over two years and in this time became inspired to start writing her own material.

However, as with everything that Charlotte does, she wanted her writing to be different. She wanted to approach subjects that not many people would feel comfortable writing about. These subjects, though at time difficult to write about, are what make them so compelling to listeners. They are based on real life and are from a personal perspective of Charlotte.

Charlotte has a unqiue story to tell. Being diagnosed with cancer at 16 years old, this was the very first experience that she took and put into lyrics. One evening at a gig, she mentioned her songwriting dream and was immediately told that she could never achieve this due to not being a singer or a musician.

In spite of this, Charlotte knew she would be able to achieve this. With a great support network of friends and musicians, Charlotte began to cowrite tracks and decided to write an album.

The very first single ‘Shatter Like Glass’ was cowritten with Stuart Landon of Angels With Dirty Faces and released on 14th October 2016. It debuted in the iTunes country chart at number 4. This was a huge achievement and only 60 downloads from being in the Top 3. The song was only just behind the CMA Anniversary Song ‘Forever Country’.

Shatter Like Glass has since been awarded a semi-finalist position in the UK Songwriting Competition.

Charlotte’s debut EP ‘Survive’ contains 6 tracks and features artists including Ash Cooper, Stanford Road, Kim Tink, Thorne Hill, Angels With Dirty Faces and Emma Moore. The EP has been produced by Matt Bishop who most people will know from UK Country Group Honey Ryder.

The industry reviews that have been coming in have been extremely positive with one review stating “…you could easily mistake as coming from music row”!

Charlotte is continuing to write with country artists and her 2nd EP is due to be released in Autumn 2017.