Betty Tetzlaff

Betty Tetzlaff comes from a family that loves music and has been singing country and gospel music for as long as she can remember.

Her father, Lester Spears, played the five string banjo and the fiddle, and he always encouraged Betty; he loved to hear her sing.

Betty was born in Burkesville, Kentucky and regularly visits her brother there. When she does, WKYR, the local radio station, ask her to co-host their Gospel Hour program live. They also play her country music on a regular basis.

Betty’s brother Russell Spears’ music is already known in the UK. You can find him on YouTube as Russell Spears and the Darts performing “Who Will Play My Guitar When I’m Gone”, “Beggin’ Time” and “Dave’s Old Barn”. A band from the UK performs his songs and they are also on YouTube.

Betty made a gospel CD with her two daughters, “Beyond The Rainbow”. The album was recorded in Nashville Tennessee.

Betty enjoys writing songs and has competed in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with the North America Country Music Association International (NACMAI) for the past several years, winning eight trophies for her songs, CDs, and performance.

Betty showcased her song “My Dream” at the Bluebird Café in Nashville and it came in number five in the Country and Western category at the songwriting awards held in Las Vegas, Nevada.