Pilch and the Midnight Tinklers – Only The Good

A 10-track album from the band led by the north-London-based singer-songwriter Pilch


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“Enjoyed it immensely. Strong songs, urgently sung and good production too.” – Simon Mayo DJ Radio 2

“This is a fantastic album, filled with sweet melodies, clever harmonies, and fine song writing.” – Steve Harvey, Martin Guitars

“There are some fine songs lurking here and the band’s breezy delivery creates just the kind of good time stuff we all need now” – Acoustic Magazine

Track listing:

  1. Come On Out In The Rain
  2. Only The Good Die Young
  3. Lucky
  4. Coming On Strong
  5. Fly Away
  6. Without Me
  7. Mid Life
  8. Fire Inside
  9. Give Me Love
  10. Tick Tick Tick

Added to store: November 2020

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