Nancy K. Dillon

NANCY K.DILLON is an award-winning American songwriter/performer mining a unique vein of avant garde Americana in compelling tales of mythopoetic darkness and light melding past and future. Originally from Central Oklahoma, she relocated to the Pacific Northwest in response to a deep love of the Western USA.

Nancy has released three full-length solo studio albums and a 6-song EP (Live at The Royal Room). A Christmas single “”In the Bleak Midwinter”” was released on Rose Rock Records inDecember 2017.

Nancy’s third full-length album, “”A Game of Swans,”” was released in the US in January 2018 and in the UK and Europe in Christmas Day 2018. The album was inspired and informed by her passion for genealogy and hearkens back to her immigrant roots in the Old Country while maintaining her gaze firmly forward.

The 12 tracks on “”A Game of Swans”” reveal ancestral strains of Celtic folk culture migrated to America, strains that have always flowed just beneath the surface of Dillon’s music.

To achieve the perfect colours, tones and authenticity for the album, contributing tracks from the UK and Scotland were blended with recordings made in the USA.

UK musicians Gavin Sutherland (Sutherland Brothers & Quiver), Ian Lang (Small Change), Chris Parks (Any Trouble) and Ollie Collins (Badly Drawn Boy/Angie Palmer) combine their prodigious talents with American contributors Stacy Phillips (Dobro), Michael Connelly (fiddle/uilleann pipes/penny whistle), Wes Weddell (mandolin), Chris Leighton (percussion), Garey Shelton (bass guitar/engineer) and harmony vocalists, Joy Mills and Tom Parker.””

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