Chris Henry & The Close Run Thing

Chris Henry & The Close Run Thing consist of multi-instrumentalist Chris Henry and producer Ken Donaldson.

They are based in Edinburgh and play a wide range of Americana, country and blues music.

Ship of Strife is their first offering with all of the songs written by Chris and produced by Ken who also plays keyboards and some guitar on this offering.

Chris Henry is a Scottish guitarist who mainly played blues with his former band The Souped Up Fords who were well known in the Scottish blues scene. He has played in many different bands in many different venues all over the UK.

Chris decided to start Chris Henry and the Close Run Thing to explore other musical genres. Heavily influenced by artists such as Steve Earle, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Creedence Clearwater Revival, the new sound is a blend of folk, country and blues with a visceral, real quality to it.

The music explores many subjects that have occurred to Chris over his long musical career and in particular the song ‘Life in Skin Pictures’ is a story reflecting on how little control some people have over their own lives.

Ship of Strife consists of eight tracks, each drawing on slightly varied musical influences and interpreting themes that are at times both dark and exciting.

Chris plays a Gretsch White Falcon and a 1976 Gibson Flying V. He normally uses Fender amps.

“I want to produce music that intrigues people and that makes me feel that I have contributed something to art, no matter how insignificant it may be. This desire to continually produce music is something that a lot of musicians feel the need to do and with this album, I have come closer to satisfaction than ever before.” – Chris Henry

Spotlight UK Artist interview: April 2023