My Back Yard – Martin Smith

The soundtrack to Martin’s DVD of the same name.


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The soundtrack to Martin’s DVD of the same name.

Includes some new tracks as a taster from Martin’s new album due to be released in 2018.

Other tracks are older favourites which have given Martin success on various country music charts and have been featured on various TV programmes.

Includes “Y Put The X In Christmas”.

“All songs on this CD have all been written in and around Cumbria. These places are where I have lived, worked and played. I consider them all to be ‘My Back Yard'” – Martin


1. My Back Yard
2. Lakeland Man
3. Blue
4. Brave face
5. Face The World
6. One Door Closes
7. Nevil’s Song
8. The Best In Me
9. Be Satisfied
10. Y Put The X (In Christmas)


Martin Smith – Lead Vocal
Albert Lee – Lead Guitar / Acoustic Guitar
Tom Tyson – Bass Guitar / Acoustic Guitar
John Marcangelo – Drums
Steve and Mandy Falcon – Harmony Vocals
Guy Lancaster – Keyboards / Synths
Richard Curran – Strings
Richard Nelson – Pedal Steel Guitar
Charlie Hawkins – Harmonica
Douggie Gemmel – Accordion
Kevin Fryer – Lead Guitar / Acoustic Guitar
Dave Mills – Electric / Acoustic Guitar
Billy Clarke – Guitar
Luce Landridge – Drums
John Peat – Bass Guitar / Harmony Vocals
Gordon Johnston – Banjo
Steven Bull – Keyboard

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