Nigel G. Lowndes

Born in the North West of England and now based in Bristol, Nigel G. Lowndes draws from many musical influences including Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Squeeze, Elvis Costello, Blondie and classic British Rock and Pop.

Nigel’s songs are an eclectic mix, with a respectful nod to classic songcraft, whilst
incorporating his own brand of quirks. “I like to give my take on life’s significant
experiences and other peoples stories. Though I’m not always the best at emotions, I can write a tune and I like to use a bit of humour too.” explains Nigel.

“It’s always been there, an enigma, visceral, magical, inside and outside at the same time. It scared me, so I hid it from people for a long time. However there
came a point when I needed to be honest – I was a singer-songwriter!” reveals Nigel, of the lead up to his debut album.

2021 arrived with the album ‘Hello Mystery’, the creation of which was made possible through the help of a number of collaborators, not the least of whom is producer and musician Chris Pepper – who has played, engineered and produced acclaimed music with, amongst others, Chris Difford and Boo Hewerdine.

Engaging songs with a quirky delivery. Songs full of hooks and striking chord changes. He’s a joy to work with!” – Chris Pepper – Saltwell Studio producer

“‘Hello Mystery’ started life in Dec ’17 when I recorded the song ‘Mystery’ with Chris at his new studio. It was a major turning point and I was so amazed by the results, it spurred me on”, describes Nigel of the album’s history. “After this I focused on developing through writing, recording and performing. Which included taking part in song-writing workshops held by Boo Hewerdine and Darden Smith and committing to a year long ‘Song A Week’ challenge, with other songwriters from around the world.”

After spending the majority of 2020 creating his album, Nigel has reflected “I’ve got to a strange place, but what an adventure, what’s next? ‘Hello Mystery’”.