Eileen Richardson

EILEEN RICHARDSON has written the words and music of 375 songs, of which only 29 have been recorded so far. She would really love to hear from anyone who would be interested in singing, recording or promoting any of her songs.

Eileen was born in 1928 on the south coast of England, where she has lived almost all of her life. It was not until she was 37, and going through a difficult time in her life, that she started writing songs.

Eileen went to bed one night thinking about some words of advice that she had been given, and woke with a complete song in her head. When she had mentally composed about 12 complete songs she decided that she must find a way to write them down.

It was very hard work at first as Eileen had never learnt to read music or play an instrument. She spent a long time at the piano trying to find the right notes.

Over the next few years, Eileen wrote more songs and eventually got some of them recorded professionally. It was a real thrill to finally hear someone singing the words and music she had written.

Eileen has had two CDs made of her 29 songs that have been recorded so far. One CD was recorded in America in ‘Country’ style, by an American musician, Ray R Jones. The other was recorded at local recording studios by several different artists.

Two of Eileen’s songs have come 3rd in local radio station song competitions, and one was a ‘Peace Finalist’ in ‘The 5th Contest for Peace’ held in Cork, Ireland in 2000. Several of Eileen’s songs have had airplay on independent radio stations in America, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Denmark.