Drew Morrison

DREW MORRISON AND THE DARKWOOD have been a regular presence on the London club circuit since 2011.

At the Country Soul Sessions in Soho, London the band are simply known as ‘the house band’ and have, over five years, performed at and supported the top acts that have played at the club including Rotifer, Paul McClure & The Local Heroes, Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates, Morton Valence, Bob Collum and the Welfare Mothers, Lynette Morgan and the Blackwater Valley Boys and many many others.

Two years in the making, their debut album follows a critically well-received EP released in 2016 described by PennyBlackmusic as “a fine first offering of enormous potential from which promises much for the forthcoming album”.

‘Electric-Notes Wild’ released on the band’s own Storm Cloud Agency Records is a collection of 10 songs showcasing Drew Morrison and his love of song. A questing musical soul, Morrison has described his music as being for ‘the lonesome fugitive within us all’.

In Darkwood he is backed by a band consisting of Phil Carwardine and Martin Murray (guitars), Mike Hughes (bass, backing vocals) and Nick Steyn (drums). Despite lineup changes along the road, the band’s central vision of a music touched by influences ranging from Alt Country, Pop, & Rock N’ Roll all tinged with ‘golden chording’ has remained focussed and has realised itself into a unique sound.

The album was recorded at Bonafide, Reservoir and Project-a-Sonic studios. Guest musicians included Tim Pearson (East Lonesome Drifters) and Henry Senior (Danny and the Champions of the World).

‘Electric-Notes Wild’ is a set of songs born from innocence, experience and ultimately the faith in the powers of music to still entertain and thrill.