Big Jack

Well Big Jack’s identity is still a secret! But, from information gleaned from various comments during his Truckin’ Adventures show on, and information we have found on MySpace and Facebook, we now know that Big Jack’s real name is Big Jack Watson and that he comes (or is believed to come) from the Nottingham area of the UK. We understand he is around 60 years old and his birthday is believed to be the 8th August.

Big Jack is’s club reviewer. And we don’t want country music clubs knowing that he is coming along and giving him the red carpet treatment. No – we want Big Jack to see country clubs as they really are. He is a real-life trucker – so he gets to all corners of the UK and he may be popping in your club soon. So worried is Big Jack that he will be recognised, that, on occasions he’s been known to send in his army of truckers to review the clubs on his behalf.

Tune in on the second Friday of every month at 8pm to find out where he’s been, who he’s met and what he’s found in Big Jack’s Trucking Adventures. The show is repeated the next day, Saturday, at 5pm.

At the end of each year, Big Jack announces his three best country music clubs that he has visited during the previous twelve months