Saskia Vese

SASKIA VESE aka TheSaskia is a country rock/pop recording artist, a songwriter and model.

Saskia’s love of country music began when she watched Olivia Newton-John’s performance in the movie Grease. She went on to research Olivia’s career, and discovered she had written a large catalogue of songs which touched people in a special way.

She respected how Olivia is willing to reveal how she is feeling in a song, describing her as courageous, strong, passionate and kind. These are qualities Saskia hopes to emulate in her own career.

Another major influence on Saskia is Shania Twain. She admires Shania’s vocal style, and the sassy performances that she introduced to country music during the 1990s. Saskia also sings a Shania Twain tribute performing act for special occasions.

Saskia and her record label are producing slowly gathering a collection of highly-produced original songs which are starting to create a supreme buzz, both in the UK and in the US. She hopes one day to record in Nashille and to divide her time living in the two countries.

Saskia’s latest single “”Slow Dance”” is available now to download from iTunes and Amazon. Simply click the links below.

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