Paul Jupe

PAUL JUPE has over 30 years experience as a singer, guitarist and songwriter,  playing live and recording within many genres of music. Paul’s love of country music stems from the days his father would play him his collection of records by Jim Reeves, Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton any many more.

After writing a successful album for the Country Rock band AGD A Good Day he began writing songs for his solo career in June 2020. The first single being “HomeTown” followed by “Higher Love”, “Mother”, “My Bride” and a cover of Steve Earles “Copperhead Road”. 


Paul’s new single is released on February 14th 2021. “Late Night By The River” is a song about being young, falling love and escaping the world for a while. Paul’s songs have received great reviews and airplay on country radio stations throughout the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and Europe.