Gerrie & Ron

Gerrie & Ron have been a duo for over more than 25 years.

Ron started solo and at the age of 25 he became the regular keyboard player in the band “Memory” where he met his wife Gerrie. “Memory” was performing 3 to 4 times a week throughout The Netherlands and in Germany. After the band Memory stopped, Gerrie and Ron moved on. As a duo they performed at various occasions, with an audience between 50 and 750 people.

For 16 years Gerrie & Ron have also performed in the Sauerland region of Germany where they were welcome musicians in the various hotels and various occasions. After more than 20 years playing the keyboards Ron has decided to stop and start working with backing tapes.

Through their many years of experience, Gerrie and Ron have embraced various music styles and this shows during their performances. They are always of good quality, surprisingly varied and brought with power and a lot of fun.

In 2021, Gerrie & Ron released their album “Pictures of Home”

The album gives its own twist to country music. The thoughtful lyrics and great orchestral arrangements of Kees Plat, the duo’s regular lyricist, composer, producer and arranger, and the sound of Gerrie & Ron ensures that this album has a unique sound that’s new to the country music world and certainly suitable for line-dance.

“We didn’t want it to be a standard country album as we all know… we like to do things differently from others, therefore all the songs have an influence of big names such as: The Cats, BZN, UB40, The Mavericks, Status Quo and Travis Tritt,” says Ron. “Those are all big names that we appreciate musically and together with producer Kees Plat we are proud of this result after almost 2 years of gaining ideas, consulting, arranging, composing, singing, adjusting lyrics, etc” Gerrie adds.

The couple were very proud that their grandchildren Caitlin, Kyano, Kian, Laricia and Gwendeline performed backing vocals on “Down In Louisiana”. 

“Pictures of Home” has been played on more than 180 radio stations worldwide and can be downloaded via all digital platforms worldwide such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Junodownload, Hungama, Dinosmusic etc.