Ways to listen to UKCountryRadio.com

There are many ways to listen to UKCountryRadio.com, depending on the device and software you are using. Here are the most popular.....

OPTION 1: Listen with the UKCountryRadio.com Player by clicking the button below.

A pop up window should open and the station should start to play after a few seconds. Keep this pop up window open to continue listening.

Listen Live with the UKCountryRadio.com Flash Tuner


OPTION 2: Listen through your smartphone or tablet using our iOS or Android Apps... Get the app using the buttons below

Tune in with Mac, iPad or iPhone

OPTION 3: Listen through TuneIn by clicking the button below....

Tune-in provides an easy way to listen to internet radios throughout the world and is particularly useful for listening through mobile phones using their App. Click here to get the App for your mobile device or simply search for the TuneIn App in your App store. Once you have it installed, simply search for "UKCountryRadio.com" to find the station.

Listen through TuneIn


OPTION 4: To listen using Windows Media Player click the button below


OPTION 5: To listen with Winamp click the button below

Click to listen with Winamp

OPTION6: Listen using an internet radio linked to the Reciva, vTuner or Pure databases.

Simply search in the database for "UKCountryRadio.com"

If you still can't make it work, then don't worry - we are here to help. Simply email tuneinsupport@ukcountryradio.com

It helps if you can tell us...
1) What device you are using to listen eg PC, mobile phone, tablet etc
2) Which operating system you are using eg Windows 7, IOS6 etc
3) Which software you are trying to use to listen to us

We receive a lot of emails at UKCountryRadio.com so please be patient. We aim to reply to all enquiries within one week.

NOTE: It is not possible to tune in to UKCountryRadio.com on FM or DAB. We are an online-only station.