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Colin Gordon-Farleigh - Friends & Heroes FRIENDS & HEROES - Colin Gordon-Farleigh NEW
A mixture of traditional country and new songs, the album was recorded at Funhouse Studios on Music Row in Nashville, and produced by Colin's good friend Ernie Rowell. The studio engineer was Rodney Ingle and the team is finished off with a bunch of top-class musicians. Includes "Careless Hands".
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Colin Gordon-Farleigh - Second Chances SECOND CHANCES - Colin Gordon-Farleigh NEW
Colin spent a couple of weeks in Nashville chilling out with friends, meeting new folk and recording this album. Lots of great songs on it, from songs made famous by Carl Smith to a whole raft of new tracks. Includes "We All Need Our Heroes"
Buy it now for £12
Nick Ward - Keep It Under Your Hat KEEP IT UNDER YOUR HAT (EP) - Nick Ward NEW
A collection of five songs full of stories and melodies which comprise the South Wales singer-songwriter's nod to traditional and early country music. Includes "Hank Williams Hat" which sees Nick pay homage to the forefather of country music.
Buy it now for £5
The Odd Bods - Country Covers COUNTRY COVERS (EP) - The Odd Bods NEW
The debut EP from The Odd Bods contains four tracks. Produced by Stephen M.Draycott at The Bronwyfla Music Gallery. Includes "Little White Church"
Buy it now for £4.99
Mitchell Kersley - Dusk DUSK - Mitchell Kersley NEW
The debut EP from the UK alt-country artist who, through his music, provides a modern take on classic storytelling. Cast aside what you thought you knew about Country/Americana music and find yourself contentedly adrift upon a transatlantic twist on a classic American sound. Includes "Howlin' At The Moon".
Buy it now for £8.99
Tony Clarke - I'm On The Outside I'M ON THE OUTSIDE - Tony Clarke NEW
Tony's 2020 album is a polished 12-song collection of neo-traditional country that captures all the warmth in Tony's vocals as well as a singular approach to songwriting. Enjoy in the cry-in-your-beer balladry of "Five Days To Live" and "Nancy Blonde And Blue Eyes" the Orbisonesque swell of "Four Grey Walls" and excursions into Honky Tonk and smart country rock
Buy it now for £9.99
Ayesha Pontin - Nocturne NOCTURNE - Ayesha Pontin NEW
Ayesha's second album includes 10 songs - most of them capturing some of the darkest times she has endured over the last few years. Most songs began their journey written at the piano in the middle of the night and then evolved with Ayesha's live band to the studio tracks. Includes "The Universe Is For Sale".
Buy it now for £12
Lou Kyme - What's The Worst That Can Happen WHAT'S THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN - Lou Kyme NEW
The 7-track mini-album from the London-based singer-songwriter focuses on stories of love and loss, of dark and light, big adventures and looming catastrophes. Includes the opening track "Oh Love" which keeps an upbeat rhythm but not far beneath the surface is a story of dark disappointment and societal expectations.
Buy it now for £6.99
Country Music Social Media Vol 4 COUNTRY MUSIC SOCIAL MEDIA VOL 4 NEW
A 12-track compilation album featuring songs by artists who work with Country Music Social Media. Includes tracks by Biddy Ronelle, Helena Mace, Todd Barrow, E.J.O'Reilly, Wayne Jacobs, Bob Fitzgerald, Steve Bonhan and The Long Road, Charlotte Young, Littlemen, Taynee Lord & The Crookes, Kelsey Bovey and The Heartland Roots Band
Buy it now for £9.99
Nomad Dooley - Trying To Survive TRYING TO SURVIVE - Nomad Dooley
Rousing songs of protest, hope and peace with dynamic folk and country rhythms. Includes "Freedom Fighter"
Buy it now for £10
Helena Mace - Unbroken UNBROKEN - Helena Mace
An album about love, heartache, troubles in life and coming through the other side. The album is about relatable experiences Helena has gone through in life as well as her own battles with a brain tumour. The album boasts four top 10 hits from the UK country iTunes charts as well as a stripped back ballad of the title track and a live acoustic recording with just Helena and her guitar.
Buy it now for £10
John Greene - This Is John Greene THIS IS JOHN GREENE - John Greene
15 of the Cornwall-based singer-songwriter's favourite recordings from the last 20 years, updated for 2020. Includes John's recording of the Neil Young 1977 song "Sail Away" which he has been playing live for years
Buy it now for £8
Tom Fairnie - Lightning In The Dark LIGHTNING IN THE DARK - Tom Fairnie
The Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter's 2020 album was recorded and produced in Austin, Texas. It reflects Tom's mix of Celtic and Americana influences.
Buy it now for £14
Harris - Notice Me EP NOTICE ME (EP) - Harris
A four-track EP from the Derbyshire-based singer-songwriter. Includes "Notice Me" and "Strange"
Buy it now for £4.99
Rant n Rave - Expect The Unexpected Vol 1 and 2 EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED VOLS 1&2 - Rant 'n Rave
28 original songs across two CDs where the Essex band cover many styles, paying homage to the musical styles and musicians that have inspired them over the years. Features guest appearances from Hank Wangford, B.J.Cole and Andy Roberts. Includes "Nobody Will"
Buy it now for £15
Rant n Rave - Expect The Unexpected Vol 1 EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED VOL 1 - Rant 'n Rave
14 original songs where the Essex band cover many styles, paying homage to the musical styles and musicians that have inspired them over the years. Features guest appearances from Hank Wangford, B.J.Cole and Andy Roberts. Includes "Nobody Will"
Buy it now for £10
Rant n Rave - Expect The Unexpected Vol 2 EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED VOL 2 - Rant 'n Rave
14 original songs where the Essex band cover many styles, paying homage to the musical styles and musicians that have inspired them over the years. Features guest appearances from Hank Wangford, B.J.Cole and Andy Roberts.
Buy it now for £10
Steve Bonham and the Long Road - Moonshine Elegy MOONSHINE ELEGY (EP) - Steve Bonham and the Long Road
For the outlaw, the rebel, the individual, the hobo, the maverick within. The four songs are of the trail and the road, the backwoods and the wilderness. Includes "Moonshine Running"
Buy it now for £4.99
Betty Tetzlaff - Country Collection Vol 3 COUNTRY COLLECTION VOL.3 - Betty Tetzlaff
A 10-track collection from the US artist. Includes "Big 18 Wheeler"
Buy it now for £10.00
Littlemen - It's A Beautiful Thing IT'S A BEAUTIFUL THING - Littlemen
The 2020 album from the Wiltshire-based band which features long-time writer Nick Allen on lead vocals. 10 tracks of accomplished musicianship and timeless songwriting of the highest calibre. Includes "Feel The Heat" and "Front Page News"
Buy it now for £10.00
The Diablos - Leaving Santa Rosa LEAVING SANTA ROSA - The Diablos
With their first new recording since 2015, British band The Diablos are back with a bang in 2020 with this brand new critically-acclaimed album. 13 self-penned songs to make you laugh, cry, rock out or just drift back to a simpler time.  Once famously described by a critic as “The Eagles having a few beers with The Mavericks whilst listening to Johnny Cash on the juke box”  this is a band at the peak of their writing and performance powers. Includes The Ballad of Johnny and Mary, When I’m Gone, Don’t Ask Why and the title track Leaving Santa Rosa.
Buy it now for £10.00
Betty Tetzlaff - Country Collection Volume Two COUNTRY VOLLECTION VOLUME 2 - Betty Tetzlaff
A 10-track collection from the US artist. Includes "Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose" and "Unrequited Love"
Buy it now for £10.00
Various Artists - The Best Of British & Irish Country 2019 BEST OF BRITISH & IRISH COUNTRY 2019 - Various
This 21-track compilation from Hotdisc includes songs from Clint Bradley, Kerry Fearon, Dave Sheriff, Frank Jennings, Michael McMillan, Jackie Storrar, Keith Shaw, Helen Jayne McKellarand more. The pruchase includes four Hotdisc CDs
Buy it now for £9.99
Betty Tetzlaff - Country Collection Volume 1 COUNTRY VOLLECTION VOLUME 1 - Betty Tetzlaff
A 10-track collection from the US artist. Includes "It's All Over But Saying Goodbye", "He Has No Mom", "Only A Part-Time Dad" and "My Dream" which came number five in the songwriting awards held in Las Vegas
Buy it now for £10.00
Mr.H - It's Never Too Late IT'S NEVER TOO LATE - Mr. H
Delving into plenty of genres such as jazz, blues, rock, folk, country and Americana, this album from the Welsh singer-songwriter edges closer to alternative rock and Americana than the jazz and blues of previous recordings. It has been quoted as "an alternative rock masterpiece".
Buy it now for £10.00
Jonny & Lynnette - On The Road Again Vol 6 ON THE ROAD AGAIN VOL 6 - Jonny & Lynnette
The sixth record in the series featuring songs the popular duo Jonny Williams and Lynnette Marie perform in their shows. Includes their cover of the Jerry Lee Lewis Song "I Can't Have A Merry Christmas (Mary Without You)"
Buy it now for £8.00
Fargo Railroad Co - Under These Lights UNDER THESE LIGHTS - Fargo Railroad Co
The Sheffield-based southern rock band's second album was recorded at John Parr's studios Somewhere In Yorkshire. It demonstrates a maturing in the quartet's sound with a far more diverse set of production values which explores new territory for the band. Includes "Punch Drunk"
Buy it now for £11.00
Marc Ring - The Back Of My Hand THE BACK OF MY HAND (CD Single) - Marc Ring
About the time Marc left the outskirts of East London where he grew up and moved to a small village in Essex. It took two to three years before it felt like home.
Buy it now for £2.99
Steve Bonham - American Wilderness AMERICAN WILDERNESS - Steve Bonham
The latest release from Steve and his friends as they continue to explore the myth, moonshine and madness or America. The EP features three songs to be included on a forthcoming album of the same name. All tracks are written by Steve who performs them with his trusty compadres Kev Moore and Chris 'The Bishop' Lydon
Buy it now for £4.99
Martin Davis - Growing Up The Hard Way GROWING UP THE HARD WAY - Martin Davis
Martin's second album produced in collaboration with Malcolm Jagger. Includes "Leaving The County", "San Pancho Town Girl" and "Right Back".
Buy it now for £9.99
Nick Ward - Vagabond VAGABOND (EP)- Nick Ward -
A 6-track collection from the prolific south Wales-based singer-songwriter. Includes "Shifting Sands"
Buy it now for £4.00
Country Music Social Media Vol 3 COUNTRY MUSIC SOCIAL MEDIA VOL 3 - Various artists -
A compilation of songs from the artists that Country Music Social Media works with: Kelsey Bovey, Martin Boyd, Taynee Lord & The Crookes, Danny McMahon, Holly Rose Webber, Wayne Jacobs, Sabine, Michael McMillan, Liz Clarke, Zoe Newton, Rett Russell, Helena Mace, Steve Bonham & The Long Road, Rob McHale
Buy it now for £9.99
Colin Whittaker Band - Love Don't Look Like This LOVE DON'T LOOK LIKE THIS (EP) - The Colin Whittaker Band
The three-track collection is the first to be released under the Colin Whittaker Band name, set up to showcase Colin's original songs. Colin is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and flautist. Includes "Mansion On The Moon"
Buy it now for £4.99
Martin Smith - Something Old Something New SOMETHING OLD SOMETHING NEW - Martin Smith
Martin's 6th album of original songs is, as the title suggests, a mixture of old and new tracks. Four of the songs were written many years ago and never really had the exposure they deserved, so are included on the album. The other six tracks are brand new songs, recorded with musicians of the highest calibre.
Buy it now for £10.00
Helen Jayne McKella - Last Minute THE LAST MINUTE - Helen Jayne McKellar
The Berkshire-based singer songwriter's fourth album contains six brand new recordings including two collaborations with recording artist Judie Tzuke. Includes "Twisted"
Buy it now for £6.50
Marc Ring - Run Ricky Run RUN RICKY RUN (CD Single) - Marc Ring
The 2019 from the Essex based songwriter pays tribute to his former band member who died aged 50 after a year-long battle with cancer.
Buy it now for £1.50
John Jenkins - Looking For That American Dream LOOKING FOR THAT AMERICAN DREAM - John Jenkins and The James Street Band
The debut 13-track album from the band fronted by the Liverpool favourite was released in June 2019.
Buy it now for £10.99
Owen Moore - Accidental Songs ACCIDENTAL SONGS - Owen Moore
Owen's 2019 album displays an entertaining mixture of his country and folk influences. It's a truly self-produced project, as Owen has written all the songs, arranged the music and played the instruments himself, as well as designing the artwork and producing the complete album. Includes "The Kids From Gypsy Lane"
Buy it now for £9.99
Michael McMillan - Missing Person MISSING PERSON - Michael McMillan
Michael's fifth album of original songs is inspired by the many people the Glasgow-based singer-songwriter has met over the years who have run away from something or someone. The stories in the 12 tracks are all true. Includes 'Coming Home', 'Wait For Me', 'So Many Thorns' and 'We Don't Listen'
Buy it now for £8.50
Zoe Newton - If I Could IF I COULD (EP) - Zoe Newton
With a recording process that included just a living room, three dogs and musical genius Isaac Francis, the intimacy of If I Could is clear from the first note. Zoe shares her secrets with us recklessly, and each track represents a different moment in her life: falling in love, falling out of love, moving out, and losing a friend. Whilst these songs are so personal to Zoe, they still strike a chord with so many of us who have felt the same way in our own lives. Hints of mandolin and flicks of electric guitar mixed with her familiar  acoustic guitar gives If I Could an instant country feel, heightened by the storytelling lyrics and unusual harmonies. Includes 'No Fun'
Buy it now for £5
Curt Shoemaker - The Lion Sleeps Tonight THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT - Curt Shoemaker
The 2019 album from the Kansas-based steel guitarist features ten instrumental tracks recorded in Curt's unmistakably smooth and unique style. Includes 'Looking For Love' and 'Margaritaville'
Buy it now for £10.99
Danny McMahon - Boys Cry Too BOYS CRY TOO (EP) - Danny McMahon
The third EP from the 2018 UK Male Country Singer of the Year debuted at number two in the iTunes Country Chart on release in May 2019. Includes 'When I See You' and 'Pushing My Hands Down'
Buy it now for £5.00
Rocky Road Rambler - The Sun Session THE SUN SESSION - Rocky Road Ramblers
The second album from the band fronted by popular duo Jonny & Lynnette was recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis in January 2019, where artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis and Johnny Cash recorded.. The aim was to stay true to the 50s Sun sound using vintage equipment and techniques just the way it was done over 60 years ago with no overdubs, touchups or wizardry. Includes 'Night Train To Memphis'
Buy it now for £8.00
Jennifer Porter - These Years THESE YEARS - Jennifer Porter
The critically acclaimed album from Jennifer Porter and legendary producer, Jay Newland. The album contains five originals by Jennifer and five covers and features guest appearances by Country Music Hall-Of-Famer, Charlie McCoy, and Grammy winner and Zydeco great, C.J. Chenier. Includes 'Road To Redemption'

Buy it now for £10.00
Bobby Logan - All Kinds Of Country ALL KINDS OF COUNTRY - Bobby Logan
Bobby's debut album features twelve self-penned songs. Includes "Happy Times Guaranteed In A Bottle Of Whatever", "Grandma's Pie", "I Don't Eat I Merge" and "I Love Drinking And That's Alright".
Buy it now for £4.99
Liz Clarke - A Night At The Opry A NIGHT AT THE OPRY - Liz Clarke
Liz's second album of 20 favourite covers was launched at the Grand Ole Opry in Glasgow.
Buy it now for £10.00
Johnny Chirnside - Nashville NASHVILLE - Johnny Chirnside
The second album from the Pembrokeshire-based singer-songwriter who also fronts the five-piece band "West Bound". Includes "Two Hearts" and "Just You And Me".
Buy it now for £10.00
Gary Perkins - Thank You THANK YOU - Gary Perkins & The Breeze
A 16-track collection featuring much-loved tracks by the multi award-winning British singer songwriter and his band. Released shortly after Gary's death from cancer in December 2018. Includes his final recording, "Thank You".

Buy it now for £10.00
Johnny One Eye - Here Comes Johnny HERE COMES JOHNNY - Johnny One Eye
The third album in the Johnny canon is another poke at the world and all that's wrong with it. Another serving of diesel-powered rock 'n' roll rhythm 'n' blues but with a twist. Includes "No More Tears", "Mr.President", "I'm Going Down", and "I'm Going Home".
Buy it now for £7.99
Dina Andrews - Complicated COMPLICATED - Dina Andrews
A nine-track collection from the Jersey based singer-songwriter recorded at Southern Ground Studios in Nashvills. Includes "What's On the Nashville Wind?"
Buy it now for £8.99
Clint Bradley - Soul Of The West SOUL OF THE WEST - Clint Bradley
Clint's second Western album features ten tracks reflecting all the corners of his influence - from his lifelong love and passion for western music to the environment in which he lives and some of the darker aspects of the world he sees around him.
Buy it now for £12.50
Marty Rivers - Maltese Falcon MALTESE FALCON - Marty Rivers
The 2019 album from the Maltese country music artist was produced in Nashville. It features fourteen songs written by Marty with long-time collaborator Joe Spiteri. Includes "Why Don't You".
Buy it now for £10.00
Steve Bonham - The Girl With The Rattlesnake Heart THE GIRL WITH THE RATTLESNAKE HEART - Steve Bonham and The Long Road
The Girl with The Rattlesnake Heart takes a few simple ingredients and spirits them up into edgy, raw 'moonshine' music. It’s Renegade Americana … songs like the title track, ‘Last in Line’ and ‘The One I Loved Before’ conjure up an America of brooding landscapes; the outlaw and the rebel, the lonesome battle against fate.  A land where the ghosts of the Cherokee wander along ‘The Trail of Tears’ and a motorcycle roars into a desert sunset in ‘The Ballad of the Dragon’s Tail’. These are songs of dark memories and courage – this is acoustic music at full throttle. 
Buy it now for £9.19
Steve Bonham - Reliance RELIANCE - Steve Bonham and The Long Road
Reliance keeps its feet close to the dirt music of the backwoods; a mix of self-composed and favourites of the band played with a jug of whiskey at their side. It’s music of the silver dollar and a fire under the stars. Includes "Hummingbirds"
Buy it now for £9.19
Luanne Hunt - Backroads, Bottles & Blues BACKROADS, BOTTLES & BLUES (EP) - Luanne Hunt
Crisscrossing modern country music and the traditional material that put Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn on the map, Luanne Hunt (best known for her hit single, “Christmas Without You” a.k.a. Patsy Cline’s Lost Christmas Song), delivers “Backroads, Bottles & Blues,” an EP featuring seven songs that critics are saying move the genre forward in delectable ways. Includes "The Rhythm"
Buy it now for £12.95
Longstay - Calling Me Home CALLING ME HOME - Longstay
The debut album from the young Perth-based five-piece band brings together their love for the music and their experiences playing the outdoor stage at the Southern Fried Festival. It also reflects their heritage in a much deeper way. Includes "Summerton".
Buy it now for £11.00
Drew Morrison and The Darkwood - Electric-Notes Wild ELECTRIC-NOTES WILD - Drew Morrison & The Darkwood
The band's debut album contains ten tracks showcasing Drew's love of songs born of innocence, experience and ultimately the faith in the powers of music to still entertain and thrill. Includes "Country Soul".
Buy it on CD for £10

Buy it on VINYL and CD for £15
Hengistbury - Add Another Minute ADD ANOTHER MINUTE - Hengistbury
For their debut album recorded in their tiny studio on the Dorset coast, Hengistbury have delved deep into the array of instruments available to them to create a sound that has been described as "distinctly unique" and "charmingly beautiful". Includes "Shooter on the Mound".
Buy it now for £6.00
Kerry Fearon - Honky Tonk Girl HONKY TONK GIRL - Kerry Fearon
The debut album from Northern Ireland's fastest rising country music star. The ten-track collection includes "Storms Never Last", "I'll Be Your San Antone Rose". "Red River Valley", "If The Devil Don't Want Me" and "Honky Tonk Girl"
Buy it now for £10.00
Rocky Road Ramblers - In The Jailhouse Now IN THE JAILHOUSE NOW - Rocky Road Ramblers
The debut album from the band fronted by popular UK country artists Jonny Williams and Lynnette Marie. It is crammed with nineteen classic country and rockabilly tracks played from the heart and is alive with energy and emotion.
Buy it now for £8.00
The Burrito Brothers - Still Going Strong STILL GOING STRONG - The Burrito Brothers
The album celebrates an illustrious past while serving up fresh contributions for a bright future. The 13 tracks bring to the listener an audible vacation to a new place while having a sense of home for those familiar with the group. Includes "Between Your Hands And Mine" and "Float Away".
Buy it now for £16.00
Curt Shoemaker - Summer Sunday SUMMER SUNDAY - Curt Shoemaker
A 10-track collection from Kansas-based steel guitarist Curt Shoamaker. The album is dedicated to Curt's father Harold who was a significant supporter of his music. Includes "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Can't Help Falling In Love"
Buy it now for £10.99
Hannah Johnson - Shaken SHAKEN - Hannah Johnson
On her debut album, Hannah delves deep into her influences of old country, the blues and honky tonk music. The choice of material is imperative to Hannah, who has spent a long time studying the vocal styles of country greats such as Faron Young, George Jones and Ray Prices. Includes "Three Days", "Nowhere Train" and "Trouble In Mind".
Buy it on CD for £12.00

Buy it on Vinyl for £20.00
Ags Connolly - Nothin Unexpected NOTHING' UNEXPECTED - Ags Connolly
The second album from the Oxfordshire-based singer-songwriter was released in February 2017. Its release led Country Music People magazine to declare Ags "the best singer-songwriter in the country field that this country has ever turned out". Includes "Slow Burner" and "Neon Jail"
Buy it now for £10.00
Keith Shaw - The Dog And The Cadillac THE DOG AND THE CADILLAC - Keith Shaw
The Berkshire-based songwriter's fifth album of original songs features 8 self-penned tracks. Includes "Crazy Lady", "Home Cooking" and "Wrong Train Blues"
Buy it now for £5.99
Mick J.Clark - Notes Two: The Singles Album NOTES TWO: THE SINGLES ALBUM - Mick J.Clark
12 self-penned songs from the London-based songwriter. Includes "Anuther Sunny Hulliday"
Buy it now for £5.99
Owen Moore - Hand Painted Songs HAND-PAINTED SONGS - Owen Moore
The 2018 album from the Irish-born, Dorset-based country music singer and songwriter displays an entertaining mix of his country and folk influences. Includes "A Song From '68"
Buy it now for £9.99
The Heels - Love, Heels LOVE, HEELS - The Heels
The 2018 album from the award-winning female country music trio from Vancouver in Canada. Features three-part haromines, sassy lyrics, unforgettable melodies, and outstanding heels! Includes "Fine By Me".
Buy it now for £11.99
Chris Hamilton - Day After Day DAY AFTER DAY - Chris Hamilton
The debut EP from Chris was produced by Aidan Thompson and recorded at Elliot Kennedy's Steel Works Studios in Sheffield. It includes an appearance from renowned steel guitarist Sarah Jory. The EP epitomizes Chris's continuing growth in writing and sound as well as the instintive catchiness and raw emotion he fuels his songs with.
Buy it now for £7.50
Mick J.Clark - Notes One NOTES ONE - Mick J.Clark
12 self-penned songs from the London-based songwriter. Includes the ultimate birthday feelgood song "Blow Those Candles Out" and "Soldier Boy".
Buy it now for £5.99
Blue Genes - Named and Shamed NAMED AND SHAMED - Blue Genes
The six-track EP from the North Wales family band features Megan and Kay on lead vocals with Stephen providing the third harmony and guitar. All the tracks are self-penned and reflect the theme of truth, telling about real life events and real people. Includes "Girlfriend".
Buy it now for £6.00
Chris Henry & The Close Run Thing - Ship Of Strife SHIP OF STRIFE - Chris Henry & The Close Run Thing
The debut album from Edinburgh-based multi-instrumentalist Chris Henry and producer Ken Donaldson consits of eight tracks, each drawing on slightly varied musical influences and interpreting themes that are both dark and exciting. Includes "Life In Skin Pictures".
Buy it now for £12.99
Cliff Aubrey - Lovin' Her LOVIN' HER - Cliff Aubrey
A collection of 13 songs from Bedfordshire-based Cliff Aubrey, who made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004 for singing non stop for 24 hours. Includes "Lovin' Her", "The Man In Black", "Summertime Blues" and "I Gotta Get To You".
Buy it now for £8.99
Michael McMillan - Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY - Michael McMillan
The fourth album from Glasgow-based alternative country music singer-songwriter Michael McMillan whose songs tell stores from "the heart of the streets" and "the streets of the heart". The album tells the story of Michael's extensive trip across the US which included a performance at Greenwich Village, New York. Includes "Alive Again", "Death By Broken Heart", "Scars And Stripes", "Tell Her", "You're My Son" and "Three's A Cloud".
Buy it now for £8.50
Gary Perkins & The Breeze - 20 20 - Gary Perkins & The Breeze
Four years in the making, a celebration of 20 years of Gary Perkins & The Breeze, named UK Country Group Of The Year in 2016 and 2017. Includes "Can't Stop Loving You"
Buy it now for £10.00
Owen Moore - Songs From Small Hotel Rooms By The Sea SONGS FROM SMALL HOTEL ROOMS BY THE SEA - Owen Moore
The 2017 album from Irish-born south coast-based Owen features 10 tracks, all written within sight or sound of the sea. A truly self-produced project which displays an entertaining mixture of Owen's country and folk influences. Includes "Another Brand New Day", inspired by a seashore walk along the Dorset coast.
Buy it now for £9.99
Martin Smith - Britain's Best Kept Secret BRITAIN'S BEST KEPT SECRET - Martin Smith
The 2010 album from the Cumbria-based singer-songwriter includes 12 self-penned songs. Tracks from this album experienced great success within the Hotdisc Chart including Number 1 with ‘One Door Closes’ as well as other tracks making the Top Ten. The albums opener ‘The Best In Me’ also reached Number 1 in the UK Country Music Chart.
Buy it now for £10.00
Luanne Hunt - The Heart Of It All THE HEART OF IT ALL / SONGS FROM THE VALLEY - Luanne Hunt
This album from the Californian-based artists features a modern blend of folk and country music with a bit of a retro feel. The double-CD collection also includes Luanne's 2015 album "Songs From The Valley". Includes "Texas Tears"
Buy it now for £12.99
Renegade - The Story Of My Life THE STORY OF MY LIFE (EP) - Renegade
The Canadian band's 2015 release started out as a collection of demo recordings before being lost for a while and later rediscovered. Features a guest appearance from Bryan Adams' guitarist Keith Scott. Includes "It Wasn't Meant To Be" and "The Story Of My Life".
Buy it now for £9.99
Martin Smith - My Back Yard DVD
MY BACK YARD (DVD) - Martin Smith
A collection of high-quality videos showcasing the songwriting of Cumbrian artist Martin Smith, all filmed in the beautiful Lake District settings that Martin affectionately refers to as "My Back Yard".
Buy it now for £15.00
Martin Smith - Brave Face BRAVE FACE - Martin Smith
Released in 2005, the fifth album from Cumbrian singer-songwriter Martin Smith was his second to contain all-original material. A trip to Nashville and Memphis gave Martin new incentives and an optimistic outlook on his songwriting career.
Buy it now for £10.00
Best Of British & Irish Country 2017 BEST OF BRITISH & IRISH COUNTRY 2017
A 22-track compilation of songs that were successful on the Hotdisc British & Irish Chart during 2017. Includes tracks by Dave Sheriff, McDade, Raintown, Jackie Storrar, The Diablos, Steve Young and Keith Shaw.
*** UKCountryRadio.com customers will also receive four bonus Hotdisc CDs
Buy it now for £9.99
Felicity Haze - Nashville Routes NASHVILLE ROUTES - Felicity Haze
This 17-track collection sees Felicity covering songs from legends past and present including Ray Price, Lefty Frizzell, Hank Williams and Alan Jackson. Includes "Come On Joe", "Dreaming My Dreams", "Crazy Arms" and "Listen To Your Senses
Buy it now for £8.00
John Jenkins - Window Shopping In Nashville WINDOW SHOPPING IN NASHVILLE - John Jenkins
The 21-track album features songs laden with memorable hooks, pithy couplets and brilliant musicianship.  Top session players Jon Lawton (Guitars, Production), Scott Poley (Pedal Steel, Dobro, Banjo), Chris Howard (Keyboards) and Scott Whitley (Bass), Megan-Louise, Camilla Alice Sky, Vanessa Murray (Backing Vocals) all contribute their considerable talents and Jenkins has crafted an album of finely polished gems. Includes "Silhouettes"
Buy it now for £12.00
Mick J Clark - Mick's Christmas Mix MICK'S CHRISTMAS MIX (EP) - Mick J.Clark
A four-track EP from the singer-songwriter who has written over 50 songs. Includes "Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah" which Mick wrote as a poignant reminder that the one thing that children need more than anything else at Christmas time is love. ** All proceeds from the sale of this EP will go to Mick's chosen charity Save The Children **
Buy it now for £1.99
Martin Smith - My Back Yard MY BACK YARD - Martin Smith
The soundtrack to Martin's DVD of the same name. Includes some new tracks as a taster from Martin's new album due to be released in 2018. Other tracks are older favourites which have given Martin success on various country music charts and have been featured on various TV programmes. Includes "Y Put The X In Christmas", "Bitter Sweet" and "Braveface"
Buy it now for £10.00
Marc Ring - The Shandon Bells EP THE SHANDON BELLS (EP) - Marc Ring
A 3-track EP from the Essex-based singer, songwriter and percussionist featuring three previously-released tracks including "The Shandon Bells" which refers to the bells at the Church of St.Anne's in Cork City in Ireland
Buy it now for £2.99
AKerr Donnelly Band - Old Country Dogs 30TH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM: OLD COUNTRY DOGS - Kerr Donnelly Band
The band's 27th album is the first part of a double release to mark their 30th anniversary year of making original country music and rock 'n' roll. Ten tracks including "Who Wants To Be Lonely".
Buy it now for £8.00
Kerr Donnelly Band - Rock Your Socks Off 30TH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM: ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF - Kerr Donnelly Band
The band's 28th album is the secondt part of a double release to mark their 30th anniversary year of making original country music and rock 'n' roll. Ten tracks including "Happy Birthday Baby".
Buy it now for £8.00
Velvet & Stone - Embers EMBERS (EP) - Velvet & Stone
The second EP from the Devon-based indie-folk band who combine rich vocals, acoustic guitar, bass riffs, keys and violin to give an original take on a traditional gentre. Inspiration for the four songs is drawn from the sea, and natural landscapes.
Buy it now for £5.50
The Mighty Stampede - Embers EMBERS (EP) - The Mighty Stampede
The debut EP from the band fronted by songwriter Martin Davis includes four tracks.
Buy it now for £5.00
McDade - Greatest Hits Vol 1 GREATEST HITS VOL.1 - McDade
The debut album from the north-east England country singer songwriter was released in April 2017 with the help of a seven-piece live band at The Cluny in Newcastle. Features 12 self-penned songs including the Hotdisc Number One "Jenny Too Hot" and "Southern Side Of Heaven".
Buy it now for £10.00
Wayne Jacobs - Stars & Stripes STARS & STRIPES - Wayne Jacobs
A collection of patriotic songs written by the multi-award winning UK writer Wayne Jacobs and recorded in Nashville. Includes "Signs Of Love" and the UKCountryRadio.com Listeners' Club Song Award-winning songs "Stars & Stripes Of Freedom" and "Paws Of War"
Buy it now for £5.99
Curt Shoemaker - The Gentle Path THE GENTLE PATH - Curt Shoemaker
The 2017 easy-listening album from Kansas-based steel guitar player Curt Shoemaker contains 10 tracks including "Rainy Night In Georgia" and the self-penned "Somewhere South Of Kansas"
Buy it now for £10.99
Martin Smith - After Time Drinking AFTER TIME DRINKING - Martin Smith
Martin's first collection of original material was first recorded on cassette tape back in 1992. All the tracks have been remixed and remastered for CD. Includes "Face The World" and "City Lights" which won awards in the Cavan International Song Contest in Ireland. Also includes "Bitter Sweet" and "For Better Or Worse"
Buy it now for £10.00
Robyn Taylor - The Way I Wanna Be THE WAY I WANNA BE - Robyn Taylor
The 2017 album from the Glasgow singer-songwriter who has been in the music business for 30 years. 10 tracks of personal, heartfelt, contemporary country songs wiht a tip of the hat to classic country. Includes "The Last Great Gentleman" and "In The Arms Of Love"
Buy it now for £7.49
Gary Perkins - Angel On My Shoulder ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER - Gary Perkins
Released in 2016, this all-acoustic album from Gary features subtle added instrumentaion from producer Steve Beighton and Pete Haywood on steel guitar and dobro. Six of the 14 tracks are self-penned.
Buy it now for £10
Annie Duggan - Dust Upon The Wind DUST UPON THE WIND - Ann Duggan
This album celebrates 20 years of a musical relationship involving Ann Duggan, Colin Granger and realises their ambition to return in full to where it all began. It represents a brand new set of Colin Granger songs of lost and new love delivered by Ann and Rob.
Buyt it now for £11.00
Samantha Laurilla Sings Vol 1 SAMANTHA SINGS VOL 1 - Samantha Laurilla
A 10-track collection of original songs written by Terence Anthony and Clive Neal and performed by stylish vocalist Samantha Laurilla. Includes "Nobody Does Sad Like You", "The End Of The Affair" and "They Boy In Sycamore Park"
Buy it now for £7.00
Samantha Laurilla Sings Vol 2 SAMANTHA SINGS VOL 2 - Samantha Laurilla
A 10-track collection of original songs written by Terence Anthony and Clive Neal and performed by stylish vocalist Samantha Laurilla. Includes "Night People", "I'm Getting High On You" and "Going Back To Nashville"
Buy it now for £7.00
Lily Garland - The Next Chapter THE NEXT CHAPTER (EP) - Lily Garland
The second EP from Porstmouth-based singer-songwrter Lily Garland is co-written and produced by Justin Johnson. The project drew on expeirences Lily had gone through including break-up, finding herself, finding the wrong guy and then the right guy, and being a mother. includes "I'm Coming For You", "He's Not The One" and "Queen Of the World"
Buy it now for £6.00
Kaye Tolson - Share My World SHARE MY WORLD - Kaye Tolson
The debut album from the Texas country and gospel singer and bass guitarist features 13 tracks. Includes "Someday Soon".
Buy it now for £11.60
Keith's Country Satellite - Originals ORIGINALS (EP) - Keith's Country Satellite
A five-track collection of original songs, written by Keith Mouland who performs under the name Keith's Country Satellite. Includes "Hold On To Me".
Buy it now for £5.00
Perry Snyder - Keeping With Tradition KEEPING WITH TRADITION - Perry Snyder
The debut album from Michigan-born Perry Snyder was recorded in Nashville. Includes "Saving It Up (for Saturday Night) and "She's Breaking In A New Heart".
Buy it now for £11.95
Keith Shaw - Booze & Rock n Roll BOOZE & ROCK & ROLL - Keith Shaw
The fourth album of self-penned songs from the Berkshire-based songwriter who has been involved in the music business for many years. Includes "Boots (The Shoe Shop Song", "Country Queen", "Honey I'm Coming Home", and "Gator Fishin"
Buy it now for £5.99
Charlotte Elizabeth - Survive SURVIVE (EP) - Charlotte Elizabeth
The debut EP contains 6 tracks written by Charlotte and performed by Ash Cooper, Stanford Road, Kim Tink, Thorne Hill, Angels With Dirty Faces and Emma Moore. The EP was produced by Matt Bishop of Honey Ryder. Includes "Shatter Like Glass".
Buy it now for £6.50
Hotdisc - Best Of British & Irish Country 2016 BEST OF BRITISH & IRISH COUNTRY 2016
22 great tracks that have populated the Hotdisc British & Irish Chart during 2016. Includes tracks by UK Country Artist Of The Year Raintown, Jackie Storrar, Luke & Mel, Clint Bradley, Gary Quinn, The Diablos, Sonny Walters, Belle, Keith Shaw and Rett Russell. Buy from our Online Music Store and get five free bonus Hotdisc CDs,
Buy it now for £9.99
Eve & The Fisherman - Close To You CLOSE TO YOU - Eve & The Fisherman
The first full-length album from the folk/country duo from the Swedish lowlands is a collection of their published songs, along with some unpublished ones. The theme running throughout the album is one of interaction and relations.
Buy it now for £9.99
Tom Fairnie - As Eden Lay In Darkness AS EDEN LAY IN DARKNESS - Tom Fairnie
12 songs, written and performed mostly in collaboration with Bob Sheilds. The songs cover a variety of genres from out and out country ro folk. Songs about the death of Hank Williams sit beside gothic tales, pagan tributes to the Hawthorn and a song inspired by Will Geer's friendship with Woody Guthrie. Ear-worm melodies and thought provoking lyrics. Includes "Sonoma & Sistine".
Buy it now for £8.50
Roni - See You Around Baby SEE YOU AROUND BABY - Roni
A gritty cocktail of bluesy acoustic country. Truly a songwriter's showcase. 12 tracks including "Kinda Late".
Buy it now for £8
Roni - Kinda Late KINDA LATE (Exclusive CD Single)- Roni
Exclusive to UKCountryRadio.com, a signed CD single of Roni's single which comes from the acoustic album "See You Around Baby" available above
Buy it now for £1.99
Owen Moore - Secret Songs Through An Open Window SECRET SONGS THROUGH AN OPEN WINDOW - Owen Moore
Owen's 5th album of ten original songs shows his country music and folk influences. It's all Owen's work, from the songwriting and arranging, to the performing and the production. includes the semi-autobiographical "An Irish Song & A Spanish Guitar".
Buy it now for £9.99
December - I Will Let You Have Your Say I WILL LET YOU HAVE YOUR SAY - December
The 2016 album from the Glasgow-based band was released with a sold-out gig at Glasgow's Oran Mor. The album is a collectino of songs inspired by the band's heroes and includes tracks named after Barack Obama, The Waterboys' Mike Scott, Maria McKee, Scottish football legend Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish, and country music legend George Jones
Buy it now for £12.00
Marc Ring - Dixie Down Your Way (CD Single) DIXIE DOWN YOUR WAY (CD Single) - Marc Ring
The third single from Marc's 2016 album "Life And Times of Whisky O'Shea" tells of the frustrations of songwriting, but the joy of getting a live band on the road. It is dedicated to the bands Marc has worked with down the years. The CD also includes "Whisky O'Shea's Last Stand".
Buy it now for £2.99
Curt Shoemaker - In Grand Style IN GRAND STYLE - Curt Shoemaker
The 2016 album from the Kansas-based steel guitarist features 10 easy-listening steel guitar instrumentals. Includes "Knock Three Times" and "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues".
Buy it now for £12.99
Wayne Jacobs - New Nashville Country Songs NEW NASHVILLE COUNTRY SONGS - Wayne Jacobs
A six-track collection from the East London-based songwriter. Includes the UKCountryRadio.com Listeners' Club Song Award-winning songs "Paws Of War" and "May We Never Forget", together with "Falling Feather".
Buy it now for £5.99
Ivor Game - A New Start A NEW START - Ivor Game
The 11th album from the Middlesex-based singer and songwriter who has been touring his tuneful acoustic shows across the UK and beyond for many years. Nine new songs descibred as "great kitchen sing vignettes" by FATEA Acoustic magazine including "At Least I Tried" and "When You Come Home"
Buy it now for £5.00
Richard Plank & Alan Ward - Buck Dancer's Choice BUCK DANCER'S CHOICE - Richard Plank & Alan Ward
A 14-track collection of Richard and Alan's favourite and most requested songs and instrumentals. Offering their take on numbers by Charlie Poole, Norman Blake and their friend, the ever-popular Debby McClatchy, amongst others. Includes "Goodbye Sweet Liza Jane" and "Stella Ireland & Lady Luck".
Buy it now for £12.00
Gary Perkins - Stranger In This Town STRANGER IN THIS TOWN - Gary Perkins
The 2015 release from one of the UK's best known and best loved country music entertainer features 10 self-penned tracks. The album was produced by John Taylor. Includes "Love Me Like I Love You".
Buy it now for £10.00
Steve Young - Troubadour TROUBADOUR - Steve Young
Steve's debut album, released in July 2016, contains 13 self-penned tracks. Includes "Home For The Summer".
Buy it now for £7.95
Blue Genes - Small Town Rumours SMALL TOWN RUMOURS - Blue Genes
The debut EP from North Wales family trio Blue Genes, produced by Justin Johnson and recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. Six self-penned tracks including "Second Trailer From The Right.
Buy it now for £5.99
Malcolm Jagger - Easy Does It EASY DOES IT - Malcolm Jagger
A 14-track instrumental album from the Yorkshire-based multi-instrumentalist and producer. Seven of the tracks are composed by Malcolm. Includes "St.Louis Blues", "Wichita Blues" and "Ballad Of Jed Clampett"
Buy it now for £6.00
DeDe Wedekind - Dream Of You DREAM OF YOU - DeDe Wedekind
The fourth album from the Houston, Texas-based singer/songwriter, nominated for Album Of The Year at the International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) Awards.
Buy it now for £14.99
Marc Ring - The Life & Times Of Whisky O'Shea THE LIFE AND TIMES OF WHISKY O'SHEA - Marc Ring
Whisky O'Shea is Marc's "porn nickname" - compiled by taking the name of his first pet, "Whisky" and his mother's maiden name "O'Shea". These 11 self-penned songs summarise Marc's life so far. Includes "The Ballad of Whisky O'Shea", "Dixie Down Your Way" and "Heroes"
Buy it now for £8.99
Rett Russell - Live & Acoustic LIVE & ACOUSTIC - Rett Russell
This 14-track acoustic album includes 14 tracks - mostly a collection of favourite cover songs which Rett performs in his life set. The album also includes acoustic versions of his self-penned songs "Fort San Antone", "Country Boy", "Bridges & Tunnels" and "Sugar In My Tea".
Buy it now for £5.99
AJ Mcleod - AJ Mcleod Sings Country, Scottish & Irish AJ MCLEOD SINGS COUNTRY, SCOTTISH & IRISH - AJ Mcleod
12 tracks on the album were written by Al Kerr with two self-penned by AJ Mcleod. Includes the ballad "Mary (till the cows come home)"
Buy it now for £5.99
Donny Richmond & Stonewall Jackson - Jesus Is My lifeline JESUS IS MY LIFELINE - Stonewall Jackson & Donny Richmond
The Country Gospel Music Association's Vocal Event Of The Year 1996 is accompanied on this album by ten further tracks from US country gospel artist Donny Richmond with guest appearances by The Jordanaires.
Buy it now for £8.99
Marc Ring - The Ballad Of Whisky O'Shea THE BALLAD OF WHISKY O'SHEA (CD Single) - Marc Ring
Marc has described this song as his life story in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Whisky O'Shea is Marc's "porn nickname", compiled by putting the name of his first pet, Whisky, with his mother's maiden name, O'Shea.
Buy it now for £2.99
Roni Perry - Nothing Less Than This NOTHING LESS THAN THIS (EP) - Roni Perry
A 5-track collection, released in May 2016, marking Roni's return from a break from music and a move into the country/Americana genre. Includes "Baby Bird"
Buy it now for £5.00
Tony Clarke - Born In 55 BORN IN 55 - Tony Clarke
Tony's 2016 release contains 14 self-penned tracks. Includes "Walking In The Sunshine" and "Night Time Don't Come Easy".
Buy it now for £9.99
Thorne Hill - No More Holding Back NO MORE HOLDING BACK - Thorne Hill
Thorne's debut album is a collection of self-penned, contemporary country songs that will take you on a journey through life, love, heartbreak and hope. Thorne teams up with top US producer Justin Johnson, together with the UK's hottest musicians, to bring a refreshingly new and exciting sound to country music. Includes "Open Road".
Buy it now for £11.99
Sandy Peter - Since 1959 SINCE 1959 - Sandy Peter
Sandy's second album of original songs contains ten tracks. The songs were born mostly out of experiences and events that have coloured his life since the year of his birth, 1959. Includes "Taking It Easy", "You're Not The Garden", "Match dot Com" and "Looks LIke She Lied".
Buy it now for £8.99
Keith Shaw - Jake's Saloon JAKE'S SALOON - Keith Shaw
Keith's third album was released in January 2016. It features only self-penned material with eight tracks including "Not Tonight Josephine", "Your Place Or My Place", "Bandito" and "Your Place Or My Place".
Buy it now for £5.99
Marc Ring - Heroes HEROES (CD single) - Marc Ring
Marc's first new original song for three years is dedicated to all the amateur and semi-professional musicians who go out most weekends and play the pubs and clubs for very little money, but love doing it because it's what they do. Includes two bonus tracks.
Buy it now for £2.99
Gavin Sutherland - A Curious Noise A CURIOUS NOISE - Gavin Sutherland
The 2016 album from Gavin, recorded in "glorious mono", contains ten tracks including "Endless Sky".
Buy it now for £10.99
Rett Russell - The Road To Having Fun THE ROAD TO HAVING FUN - Rett Russell
The debut album from the Oxfordshire based country singer-songwriter features 14 original songs. The album was recorded in 2015 in Buckinghamshire. Includes "Fort San Antone" and "Sugar In My Tea"
Buy it now for £8.99
Best Of British & Irish Country 2015 BEST OF BRITISH & IRISH COUNTRY 2015
22 of the best British & Irish tracks released on Hotdisc during 2015. Includes songs by Frank Jennings, Dave Sheriff, Tony Clarke, The Diablos, Owen Moore, Blagards & Cowboys and Keith Shaw. Includes 5 bonus Hotdisc CDs.
Buy it now for £9.99
Interactive Murcia - From Past To Present Perfect FROM PAST TO PRESENT PERFECT - Interactive Murcia
The second album of original songs written by Geraldine Pointing. From the first song "Vintage", representing the past, the album progresses through true stories and inspirational songs such as "40 In The Shade" and "The McFarland Runners" to "Living The Dream" which reflects the present.
Buy it now for £8.99
Jacqui Sharkey - Shine SHINE - Jacqui Sharkey
Jacqui's third album has been heralded as her best work to date with 13 tracks including her well-received singles "Take Me To Paris" and "You're The Reason" and many more great new original songs writtan by Jacqui and other Irish and American songwriters. It also features a fresh take on some well known cover songs, including "Love Will Keep Us Alive" by The Eagles.
Buy it now for £12.95
Tom Wright - Tom Wright TOM WRIGHT - Tom Wright(signed copy)
The debut from the 21 year old British country-rock singer songwriter and guitarist, who has toured with various artists around the UK and Europe. Includes 13 original songs, with most of the instruments including piano, bass and guitar played by Tom. Includes "When You can Write A Song".
Buy it now for £15.00
Click for details COUNTRY SONGS - Sandy Peter
Sandy's first album contains a selection of songs he has written over the years. Includes "Man Up", "What Have I Got Into" and "Don't Count Your Chicken"
Buy it now for £8.99
PV Tanner - Love Sunrise LOVE SUNRISE (single)- P.V.Tanner
A song written by Chet A.Blum and Karen Staley, who has previously written for artists including Faith Hill, Reba McEntre and Terri Clark.
Buy it now for £2.99
Click for details 1000 DAYS OF RAIN - The Southern Companion
The 2015 album sees the band comfortably established in their own British country/Americana genre. Produced by multi Grammy nominee Ron Thaler and features guest appearances from industry legend Robbie McIntosh on dobro and Ben Gunnery on fiddle. Includes "Crash".
Buy it now for £7.99
Click for details LOST IN MY MEMORIES - Toni West
The 2015 album marks Toni's debut country music album, produced by Geoff Taggart. The album contains 14 original songs.
Buy it now for £8.00
Click for details MAY DAY 1916 (EP) - The Celia Bryce Band
A four-track EP from the north-east band, fronted by award-winning playwright and children's author Celia Brice. All sales proceeds go to the Royal British Legion.
Buy it now for £4.99
Click for details HEART & SOUL - Nancy Ann Lee
A selection of songs Nancy has written throughout her career, including the title track which was written with Eddie Allen. The 12-track collection was recorded at Active Edge Studios in Harrogate and produced by Dan Mizen, Nancy and Eddie Allen
Buy it now for £10.00
Click for details IT'S A BARBECUE DAY - Wood, Wire & Words
The three-piece family Bluegrass/Folk/Americana band's second album contains 12 original songs. Includes "Take Me For A Ride"
Buy it now for £10.00
Click for details PERFECT AS I AM - Larissa Tormey
The debut album in English from the Russian professional singer who first married an Irish farmer, then fell in love with Irish rural life, and finally became an Irish country singer. Recorded at Ventry Studios with producer David McCune.
Buy it now for £8.00
Click for details NASHVILLE COUNTRY SONGS - Wayne Jacobs
A collection of self-penned songs by the East London songwriter, all recorded in Nashville. Includes the four songs for which Wayne has won our Listeners' Club Song Award: "In Cold Blood", "I Want My Daddy", "Kentucky Whiskey", and "May We Never Forget".
Buy it now for £8.00
Click for details THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES - G.D.Sweeney
The debut album from the Irish born and London based singer-songwriter is a collection of musical tales that illustrate how people tangle themselves in a web of their own deceit. The songs are fused with a blend of country, bluegrass and Irish music - a style that Sweeney refers to as "Celtic Country". Includes "The Night Before"
Buy it now for £10.00
Click for details
A specially-commissioned framed artwork featuring the Finalists for our Listeners' Club Song Award 2015: Celia Bryce Band, Emma Jane, Interactive Murcia, Martin Davis and Wayne Jacobs
Buy it now for £7.00
Click for details CITY STREETS & COUNTRY SONGS - Owen Moore
A collection of favourite tracks from the pens of country music's leading songwriters, alongside a handful of pure country classics. Owen handles all the recording and producing tasks himself. Includes "Lord I Hope This Day Is Good", "Looking For A Love", Guitar In The Corner", "Don't Play That Song For Me", "What I Didn't Do", and "Gentle On My Mind"
Buy it now for £9.99
Click for details MOON RIVER - P.V.Tanner
A 7-track collection from the "country crooner", blending the genres of easy listening and country. Includes "Always On My Mind" and "Wind Beneath My Wings"
Buy it now for £10.99
Click for details REAL GOOD FEEL GOOD (EP) - Acoustic Journey
The debut four-track EP from the Northamptonshire-based trio featuring 3 voices, 2 guitars and 1 cajon.
Buy it now for £5.00
Click for details LUKE & MEL (EP) - Luke & Mel
Released in December 2014, the EP debuted at number 2 on the iTunes UK Country Album Chart, making Luke & Mel the only unsigned UK band to ever get into the top 2. Includes "Somethin' About A Woman".
Buy it now for £6.50
Click for details THE LAST TWANG - DSP Band
The debut album from the Norwegian band includes the popular "Easy Going Guy".
Buy it now for £10.00
Click for details ME 'N' MERLE - Ivor James
On this album, Ivor pays tribute to Merle Ronald Haggard, one of the greatest country singer/songwriters of all time. Ivor does not attempt to mimic Merle's voice or delivery, but to bring you his own interpretation of the songs.
Buy it now for £6.00
Click for details PLAY THE SONG - Zenne
The second album of covers from the North-East-based artist with a powerful voice and gutsy style. The 11 tracks are mainly upbeat and lively songs, with a couple of classic ballads thrown in. Includes "I Don't Feel That Way Anymore"
Buy it now for £6.00
Click for details ONE DEGREE OF SEPARATION - The Diablos
The 2015 release from the Brighton based five piece. 
Country Music People commented  “an inspired change of direction”****.  
Deans Magazine said “writers and musicians at the very top of their game”*****.
Includes tracks “Aint So Bad”, “Banks Of The Vilaine”, “The Devils Ride” and “You’re In There Somewhere”.
Buy it now for £10.00
Click for details ADAM BLAMES EVE - Small Change Diaries
Adam Blames Eve is an acoustic album with a wide range of musical styles including Americana, blues and ragtime. The album is based around two ukuleles played by Nick Cody and Jessica Bowie with percussion by Rich Fedinando and double bass from Garry Jackson. Includes "There's Only One Of You".
Buy it now for £13.00
Click for details SONGS FROM THE VALLEY - Luanne Hunt
The 2015 album from the Californian country/folk singer is her 12th release and marks her 20th year in the music. Includes "Bluer Than The Bluegrass"
Buy it now for £12.99
Click for details LONG WAY HOME - Martin Davis
A 16-track album of mostly originally tracks, written by Martin with producer and multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Jagger. Includes "Gimme All You Got (Las Vegas)", "I Wanna Be A Cowboy", "The Girl From Texakarna" and "Hot Summer Rain".
Buy it now for £8.00
Click for details TIMELESS - Malcolm Jagger
A 15-track instrumental album from Yorkshire-based Malcolm, who plays just about every stringed instrument. Includes "Blue Moon", "Irish American" and the self-penned tracks "The Croppers Dance" and "Slide Dogas".
Buy it now for £6.00
Click for details WONDERFUL TONIGHT - Curt Shoemaker
A 12-track instrumental album from Kansas steel guitar player Curt Shoemaker. Includes the self-penned "Amaris" and a cover of The Shadows' 60s hit "Apache"
Buy it now for £10.99
Click for more details COUNTRY THAT ROCKS (CD Single) - Kerr Donnelly Band
A single taken from the midlands band's 25th album, released in 2015. Includes a bonus track of previous single "My Babe Blue", recorded live at UKCountryRadio.com's Sixth Birthday Party in 2013.
Buy it now for £4.00
Click for details GHOSTS - Keith Shaw
Keith's 2015 album features eight self-penned tracks. Includes "The Wine Goes Down", "Those Little Years", "I Won't Be Coming Home", "We Will Be Lovers" and the Christmas song "No Room At The Inn"
Buy it now for £5.99
Click for more details AT THE EDGE OF MY DREAMS - Danny Lee
The third-album from Danny features 11 brand new self-penned songs and two remixes. Includes "Jennifer's Eyes" and "Wait For Me".
Buy it now for £10
Click for details THE COUNTRY VARIATIONS - Rawley Taylor
Rawley's third album, released at the end of 2014, includes a tale about a guy in a supermarket who Rawley has observed over the years. There's a tongue-in-cheek look at growing old disgracefully. The death of J.D.Salinger and the new that we would have to wait many years to read what he has been writing since he stopped publishing also inspired a song. Rawley's biggest hit to date "The Country Rap" is also there as is the old favourite "Gasoline" in a more clean and tidy state.
Buy it now for £8.00
Click for details AISHA B (EP) - Aisha B
The four-track self-titled EP from the young Somerset-based singer-songwriter, heavily influenced by Taylor Swift. Includes "Waiting For The Rain".
Buy it now for £4.99
Click for details SIGN UP (EP) - Kerr Donnelly Band
Exclusive to UKCountryRadio.com, a three-track EP containing tracks from the three-piece band, now in their 28th year of proudly recording and performing original material. It contains tracks from their forthcoming 24th album.
Buy it now for £3.00
Click for details A.D.2014 - Chris D.Smith
The second album from the Belgium-based singer songwriter explores the boundaries of folk rock, country rock, Americana, rock and blues rock. Features some of Belgium's finest musicians and has received rave reviews from roots magazines across Belgium and The Netherlands. Includes "Catchin' The Sun".
Buy it now for £13.00
Click for details BEST OF BRITISH & IRISH COUNTRY 2014 - Various
18 of the best British and Irish tracks featured on promotional CD Hotdisc during 2014. Includes tracks from Dave Sheriff, Ian Highland & Frank Jennings, Kathryn Anderson, Tony Clarke, The Diablos, and The Hicksville Band. * Special offer includes 5x Hotdisc CDs
Buy it now for £9.99
Click for details WRITING ON THE WALL - Orfila
The debut album from Kent-based acoustic folk/country trio consisting of siblings Abi, Louise and Matt Orfila. Contains 11 self-penned songs including "Come Back".
Buy it now for £8.99
Click for details MY HEART'S ON FIRE (EP) - Melissa Robertson
The first EP of six all-original songs from Australian singer-songwriter Melissa Robertson, produced by Simon Johnson.
Buy it now for £7.95
Click for details MEDICATED TO YOU - Bus Pass Buskers
17 tracks from the Sheffield-based band who play skiffle, country, western and blues. Includes "Daylight Brings Another Day", written by Steve Brearley of the band.
Buy it now for £6.50
Click for details JOURNEYS - Annie Marks
Annie's second album took just over a year to write, record and produce and features ten tracks blending country, pop and easy listening music.
Buy it now for £8.99
Click for details THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED (EP) - Kathryn Anderson
Six tracks, recorded in November 2013 with top Nashville session players who have worked with various big names including Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire. Includes "Just Another Country Song" which earned the Sussex-based singer-songwrtier a nomination for Best British Country Songwriter at the British Country Music Awards.
Buy it now for £6.00
Click for details SHORT SONGS FROM THIN AIR - Owen Moore
The 2014 album from Owen Moore. All original songs and, as always, all instruments played by Owen too. Includes "Two Cats" and "Walking With That Girl Of Mine"
Buy it now for £9.99
Owen's album of street busking songs, subtitled "A Busker's Sixty Minute Sidewalk Serenade". Includes many well-known favourites such as "Walking After Midnight" and "I Still Miss Someone"
Buy it now for £9.99
A "Live" album from Owen, containing sixteen tracks all recorded over the course of one month in a wide variety of small, intimate bars and clubs, with all the bustle and atmosphere of back rooms and real music. Includes "The Gambler" and "Going, Gone".
Buy it now for £9.99
Owen's mixture of country music styles with some interesting celtic influences took shape on this all-original album, which includes his tongue-in-cheek tale, "The West Coast Of Kentucky" and his tender and reflective song "Across The Irish Sea".
Buy it now for £9.99
Click for details DREAMS SOMETIMES COME TRUE - Keith Shaw
An 8-track collection of original songs from Keith, who has been performing music since the mid 1960s, most notably with the country music duo Country Network. Includes "Dreams Sometimes Come True" , "The Preacher", "Birthday Boy" and "A Love Song".
Buy it now for £5.99
Click for details NO CHARGE - J.J.Barrie
17 tracks chosen by J.J.Barrie who released no less than six albums during a long, successful and accomplished career as a singer and is best remembered for his 1976 UK Number One "No Charge".
Buy it now for £12.99
Click for details THERE ARE NO MIRACLES AROUND HERE - Elbow Jake Acoustic Band
The debut 2014 album from the Nottingham-based four-piece acoustic band, who's name is often shortened to EJAB. Contains 15 self-penned tracks including "Razor's Edge" and "Angels".
Buy it now for £8.95
Click for details COMING HOME - The Rising
The debut album from the Belfast-based trio was recorded in Northern Ireland and Nashville with help from Grammy-winning engineer Hank Williams. Includes the debut single "Still Coming Home To You"
Buy it now for £9.99
Click for details CAMERON TROY - Cameron Troy
The 2014 6-track EP from US duo Steven Troy and Ann Cameron, who was told by doctors she would never sing again after losing her voice for four years. Includes "Just Kiss Me".
Buy it now for £13.00
Click for details THIS AIN'T RENO - Grand Prairie
The 2013 release from the 6-piece country rock band features 12 tracks, nine of them written by lead singer Rob Wilson with the album's producer Steve Elson. Includes "A Little Bit Of Nice Boy", "Tomorrow I Will Go", "Chuffin' Through The Tunnel Of Love", "I Can't Wait 'Til Monday", "Lost 'n' Gone", "Shiny Moon", "Brown-Eyed Women" and "This Is What I Get For Lovin' You".
Buy it now for £9.99
Click for details GARY QUINN - Gary Quinn
The self-titled debut album from UK Country Artist Of The Year 2014 nominee Gary Quinn contains 10 self-penned tracks. Includes the power ballad "He Don't Show Her Anymore". "The Power Of Me And You" and "On Your Way Out".
Buy it now for £11.50
Click for details TOMORROW (EP) - Thorne Hill
The much-anticipated debut 5-track EP from rising country music artist Thorne Hill. Teaming up with producer Christopher Barn, Thorne brings a fresh and exciting new sound to the genre and his songwriting skills arguably stand up against the best US Chart toppers.
Buy it now for £6.99
Click for details LINKS - The Celia Bryce Band
The 2014 album from the North-East based band features the work of no fewer than 14 musicians. Includes "Mist" and "Workers' Song".
Buy it now for £9.99
Richard Craine - Lullabies Of Dreamtime LULLABIES OF DREAMTIME - Richard Craine
The 2014 album from the Bristol-based singer-songwriter who cut his teeth in the folk scene in Southampton from the age of 16. The album contains 11 tracks including "Saturday Night" and "Hold The Moment"
Buy it now for £10.00
This 12-song collection is aimed mainly at those who like to listen to good country muisc and those who like to dance. So kick off your shoes and hoedown with Ivor!
Buy it now for £6.00
Click for more SERVES ME RIGHT - Pete Dymond (written by Mark Newberry) (CD Single)
The first song to be released in 2014 from the pen of former London police officer Mark Newberry. Produced and performed by Pete Dymond.
Buy it now for £3.00
Click for details SOUR MASH - The Ray Peters Band
Sour mash is a whiskey distilling process that uses material from an older batch of mash to start fermentation in a new batch. That's like the band's take on country - some of the traditional introduced to the new to give you the best country they can. The album features three of Ray's brand new compositions including "Gold Fever".
Buy it now for £10.00
Click for details LOWERING THE TONE - John Hinshelwood
The third album from the Glasgow-based singer-songwriter. Includes "Radio Angel", "I Don't Want To Hear That" and the Hotdisc British & Irish Chart hit "What's Left Is What's Right".
Buy it now for £10.00
Click for details GOOD MORNIN' MR.MORNIN' - Tony Clarke
The self-penned 2014 album contains 14 tracks - a mixture of upbeat country songs and ballads. Includes "Love Is All There Is"
Buy it now for £9.95
Click for more details COUNTRY DOWN TO MY SOUL - Ivor James
The 2014 release from Ivor features 14 tracks - two of them written by his friends Alan Cameron and Pete Redfern. Includes "Help Pour Out The Rain".
Buy it now for £6
Click for more details DAISY ROOTS - The Jigantics
Daisy Roots is the debut album from the Jigantics. Recorded in three different studios over a period of eighteen months the band have managed to produce a totally unique sounding album which reflects their varied musical influences. Includes "Swimming Song".
Buy it now for £11.50
Click for more details SINKING THE MARY ROSE - Red Dirt Skinners
The third album by Rob and Sarah Skinner. Includes "Idabel Blues"
Buy it now for £11.50
Click for more details COUNTRY SOUL - Derek Ryan
The 2013 album from one of today's biggest Irish country artists contains a mix of original songs, old time favourites and chart covers. Includes "100 Numbers"
Buy it now for £13.00
Click for album details TRAVELLING COMPANION - The Good Intentions
The third album from the British Americana Act of the Year 2011. Peter Davies, Gabrielle Monk and Frank Roskell's music is based around acoustic instrumentation and three part harmony sounds, playing Americana, Bluegrass and Country. The album was produced by respected west coast US musician and producer Rick O'Shea and includes "Hank's Last Ride"
Buy it now for £10.00
Pete Dymond - The Country Singer THE COUNTRY SINGER - Pete Dymond (written by Mark Newberry) (CD Single)
The first single release of 2014 from the pen of London-based songwriter and former police officer Mark Newberry.
Buy it now for £3.00
James Ethan Clark - Southern Hotel SOUTHERN HOTEL - James Ethan Clark
The 2013 debut album from the North Carolina native who draws inspiration from an eclectic melting pot including progressive rock, folk and soul. includes "God Knows When" and "Seattleville"
Buy it now for £11.99
Curt Shoemaker - Sunsets Over The Heartland SUNSET OVER THE HEARTLAND - Curt Shoemaker
The 2010 album from Kansas steel guitarist "The Shoe". Includes the original track "Down At Cecil's", dedicated to Cecil Hillman who has been a true icon in Curt's hometown, running the local car repair shop for well over 50 years.
Buy it now for £10.99
Best of British & Irish Country 2013 BEST OF BRITISH & IRISH COUNTRY 2013 - Various Artists
18 tracks featured on promotional CD Hotdisc during 2013. Includes tracks by Graham Clark, Dave Sheriff, The Sonny Walters Band, The Hayley Oliver Band, Pete Kennedy, Stu Edwards and Stu Stevens. Includes five bonus Hotdisc CDs.
Buy it now for £9.99
Masters Of Mellow - By Requested BY REQUEST - Masters of Mellow
An eight-track collection demonstrating the four-piece band's mix of music to sing along to or just chill to, driven by high quality musicianship and tight harmonies. Includes "Just To See You Smile".
Buy it now for £5.99
Peter Dymond - Christmas Snow CHRISTMAS SNOW - Peter Dymond (written by Mark Newberry) (CD single)
A festive offering from police officer turned songwriter Mark Newberry - reversioned for 2013 by Peter Dymond at his studios in Bristol.
Buy it now for £3.00
Graham Clark GRAHAM CLARK - Graham Clark
A 2013 from the midlands-based country singer, produced by Tony Dallas. Includes several self-penned tracks and the "Who's Gonna Hold Me?", wrirten by UK songwriter Lorna Flowers who lives and writes in Nashville.
Buy it now for £5.99
Sarah Wise - People Get Ready PEOPLE GET READY - Sarah Wise
Sarah's debut album. From soaring ballads to cool country-rock, Sarah combines a moving vocal performance together with the finest musicianship, producing a varied collection of songs with a strong country flavour. The album is a blend of old and not so old tracks from Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Wonder to Shania Twain and Sheryl Crow, each track having huge meaning to Sarah. Includes "Dimming Of The Day".
Buy it now for £10.00
Pete Dymond - Lonesome Rail (written by Mark Newberry) LONESOME RAIL (CD Single) - Peter Dymond (written by Mark Newberry)
Released in the autumn of 2013, the latest song from the pen of former London police officer Mark Newberry. Produced and performed by Peter Dymond.
Buy it now for £2.90
Curt Shoemaker - Free And Easy FREE AND EASY - Curt Shoemaker
The 2013 steel guitar instrumental album from Curt, a member of the US National Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame. Endorsed by Martina McBride who says, "If you love steel guitar, then this is the CD for you". Contains 10 tracks including "Key Largo", "Unchained Melody", "Shoestrings" and "It's So Nice To Be With You"
Buy it now for £10.99
Donny Richmond - Christmas with Donny Richmond CHRISTMAS WITH DONNY RICHMOND - Donny Richmond
13 classic songs from US multi-award winner Donny Richmond including current hit and UKCountryRadio.com featured song "I Believe", number one chart hits "That's What Christmas Means" (with Country Music Hall of Fame Band) and "Gospel Jukebox" and a theme from Donny's US TV Show "I Wonder Where They Sleep".
Buy it now for £10.95
Sonny Walters Band - I Think I've Gone Country I THINK I'VE GONE COUNTRY - Sonny Walters Band
The debut album from the four-piece Sonny Walters Band, who played the main stage at Americana 2013. A fine mix of songs with something for everyone. Includes "Stone Rollin' Home", "I Think I've Gone Country", "Still A Texas Girl" and "'Cause I'm Over You". Our Online Music Store price exclusively includes all postage costs.
Buy it now for £7.99
Chris Green Project - Goldmine GOLDMINE - Chris Green Project
The band's third album, launched at UKCountryRadio.com's Sixth Birthday Party where they were finalists for our Listeners' Club Award 2013. Contains 14 original songs ranging from old country to new country and tracks which push the boundaries of country music. Includes "Little Bit Of Texas" and "Moon on Snow"
Buy it now for £7.99
Kel-Anne Brandt - One Day At A Time ONE DAY AT A TIME (EP)- Kel-Anne Brandt
A four-track EP from the Australian multi-award winner. Includes the long-awaited radio single "Grandma", which Kel-Anne cowrote, inspired by the fact she has been bleseed with four grandchildren in the last three years
Buy it now for £6.00
Ivor James - I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair I DON'T NEED YOUR ROCKING CHAIR - Ivor James
A 12-track collection, reflecting Ivor's repertoire, ranging from old to new country which he plays in all settings from concert-style shows to the line dance scene. Includes the self-penned track "The Joke's On Me".
Buy it now for £6.00
Lucy Zirins - Chasing Clocks CHASING CLOCKS - Lucy Zirins
The debut album from the Lancashire-based 2013 British Blues Young Artist of the Year features 12 tracks, all self-penned and arranged. The majority of the album was recorded live with some of the country's finest musicians including B.J.Cole on Pedal Steel and Richard Causon on keys. Includes "The Last One" and "Tearing Me Down"
Buy it now for £12.00
The Diablos - Riding The Long Road RIDING THE LONG ROAD - The Diablos
Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed "Rhinestones and Diamonds" album, "Riding The Long Road" is the latest 2013 release from the country rockers from Brighton. This superb collection of 13 original songs is a seamless mix of previously unreleased material, with the addition of some brand new songs. It has been remixed and remastered by platinum selling producer Al Scott. Includes "Bad Chrome Job", "Will I Get To Sleep" and "Right By Your Side". This quality package includes a 12-page booklet documenting the history of the band.
Buy it now for £10.95
The Ball Family - Cowboy's Last Words COWBOY'S LAST WORDS - The Ball Family
The 2013 album from the Texan family band who have been performing together for 30 years. Nominated for Swing Album Of The Year by America's Western Music Association. Includes "Arizona".
Buy it now for £9.99
Annie Marks - Thunder In My Soul THUNDER IN MY SOUL - Annie Marks
An eight-track sample album of Annie's original songs, inspired by 58 years of life's rich experiences. Annie is keen to hear from other artists interested in recording or performing her songs. Includes "Coming Home"
Buy it now for £8.99
Hotdisc - Ten For A Tenner TEN ALBUMS FOR A TENNER - Hotdisc Special Offer
An amazing lucky dip of full length albums from Hotdisc including Stu Stevens' "Best Of" album together with some great British and American albums. If you order more than one pack at the same time we will make sure you don't get any duplicates. 
Buy it now for £9.99
Colin Mackay - Do What You Love DO WHAT YOU LOVE - Colin Mackay
The 2013 album from this Aberdeen-based singer-songwriter was recorded and produced by Grammy-winning Bil VornDick in Nashville at the world famous Quad Studio. A mix for everyone with fast tracks that make you want to turn it up, and slow tracks that make you want to chill out.
Buy it now for £10.00
Ashley Robertson - Start Again START AGAIN - Ashley Robertson
The third studio album from Canadian-born Ashley is a collection of 12 tracks featuring her signature blend of country, folk and bluegrass with a contemporary feel and strong songwriting. Influenced by artists such as Alison Krauss and Shania Twain, her gently powerful voice eases you along but portrays a soulfulness beyond her years. Includes "Finished With You"
Buy it now for £10.00
Mark Newberry - When You Walked Into My Life WHEN YOU WALKED INTO MY LIFE (CD Single)- Mark Newberry
Mark Newberry is a former London police officer who took up songwriting after retiring from 30 years with the Met. This song is recorded by Marcie Summers with lyrics by Mark and the tune based on a theme by Kingsley Mellanby.
Buy it now for £2.50
Annie Duggan Band - Best Days Of All THE BEST DAYS OF ALL - Annie Duggan Band
The second album of original songs written by Norfolk songwriter Colin Granger and recorded by this band who are bringing a breath of fresh air to the UK country scene. Includes "Move A Little Closer" and "One More Try"
Buy it now for £6.00
100 APPLAUSE FROM THE CROWD - Kerr Donnelly Band
The 22nd album from the band featuries fifteen brand new original Britihs country and rock'n'roll songs.
Buy it now for £7.99
Colin Chapman - Movin' On MOVIN' ON - Colin Chapman
Twelve self-penned tracks, written by Colin on his return to music in the late 1980s after a long break to focus on his family. The title track is influenced by the film "Smokey & The Bandit"
Buy it now for £11.89
Bob Evans - Make Your Mind Up MAKE YOUR MIND UP (SINGLE) - Mark Newberry
The latest song with lyrics written by former Met police officer Mark Newberry. Music written by Bob Evans who recorded the song.
Buy it now for £2.50
Cowley Cowboys - Sons Of Rest SONS OF REST - Cowley Cowboys
The second album from the Worcestershire/Herefordshire based band can make you dance, cry, weep, moan or holler. Your choice entirely! Self-penned songs cross the country spectrum of heartache and hope. Featuring "The Twins of Twang" on dual lead guitars, these intriguing tunes are fresh and true. Includes "The Marrying Kind".
Buy it now for £9.99
Frank Jennings - Yesterday Today and Tomorrow YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW - Frank Jennings
The 2011 album from Frank, who came to prominence by winning TV talent show Opportunity Knocks in the 1970s and went on to record for EMI and work with legends including Tammy Wynette, Geprge Jones and Faron Young. Includes several Hotdisc chart hits including "Born And Raised In Black And White"
Buy it now for £10.00
Bill Stewart - The Best Times THE BEST TIMES - Bill Stewart
A selection of self-penned tracks from Scottish singer-songwriter Bill Stewart. Some of the songs have a personal connection, while others relate to real life situations. Includes "This Old Lonely Street", "Sittin' Around Blues" and "Tears My Woman Cried".
Buy it now for £9
Mark Newberry - You Smiled YOU SMILED (Single) - Mark Newberry
Country meets soft rock in this latest song from the pen of former Met Police sergeant Mark Newberry. Vocals are performed by Pete Dymond, who recorded and produced the track at his studios in Bristol.
Buy it now for £2.50
Marc Ring - The Long Road Home THE LONG ROAD HOME - Marc Ring
Marc's first album for ten years contains ten melodic, country rock tracks, all written and produced by Marc from his heart and soul. Marc performs most of the instruments on the album and is joined by Geoff Alder (guitar) and John Lonestar (banjo, mandolin and pedal steel).
Buy it now for 8.50
Suzanna Shore - Sunflower Lady SUNFLOWER LADY - Suzanna Shore
An autobiographical and personal album. Eleven fabulous songs crafted from years of pent up emotions. Songs of hope and ambition for the underdog, songs of nostalgia for lost friends and family, with an overriding theme of joy and happiness. Includes "Have You Ever" and "So Much Love".
Buy it now for £8.99
Wayne Jacobs - Country Songs COUNTRY SONGS - Wayne Jacobs
A collection on songs written by Wayne and professionally produced at studios in Nashville. Includes "My Tennessee Girl", "Let Me Take You Home", "Rockin' In The USA" and the UKCountryRadio.com Listeners' Club Award 2012 Winner "Kentucky Whiskey".
Buy it now for £9.99
Clear Cut - Classics CLASSICS - Clear Cut
Leeds-based duo Clear Cut cover 12 classic songs from popular artists. Includes "Il Silenzio" and "The Galway Girl"
Buy it now for £10.00
Clear Cut - Decade DECADE - Clear Cut
An album recorded in 2008 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Leeds-based country music duo Clear Cut
Buy it now for £6
Clive Rose - Changing CHANGING - Clive Rose
A five-track EP of self-penned tracks from Coventry-based drummer turned guitarist and songwriter Clive Rose. The title track is about someone who is tired of people telling them to change, instead preferring to be true to themselves. Also includes "The Stars Are Shining".
Buy it now for £3.95
Various - The Best of British & Irish Country 2012 THE BEST OF BRITISH & IRISH COUNTRY 2012
A selection of some of the highest-rated tracks released on promotional CD Hotdisc during 2012. Includes tracks from Lisa Stanley & Dave Sheriff, Ian Highland, Thorne Hill, Maria Jordan and Martin Smith. Note: UKCountryRadio.com customers also received 5 free back issues of Hotdisc.
Buy it now for £9.99
Chris Raddings - Parr Street Sessions PARR STREET SESSIONS - Chris Raddings with the Highrollers
Twelve demo tracks, reocrded by Chris Raddings with a group of top UK session musicians in the mid-1990s on behalf of Sony/BMG Records. Includes "I Will Love You Anyhow" and "Burning Bridges".
Buy it now for £9.50
Interactive Murcia - New Beginnings NEW BEGINNINGS - Interactive Murcia
The first album from all-live trio Interactive Murcia, who formed nearly nine years ago after they each moved from the UK to Spain. All the songs have a story to tell. Includes "A Woman's Way", about how the woman of the house tries to see the family through difficult economic times.
Buy it now for £8.99
Danny Lee - Fly Drive Dreams FLY DRIVE DREAMS - Danny Lee
Danny's sensational second album. Drift away to the soothing melodies, focus your mind on the thought-provoking lyrics or get blown sky high by the inspirational musicianship. Includes "Trials and Tribulations", "Fly Drive Dreams", "Who Knows", "Girlfriend", "I Guess It's Over" and "I'll Never Let You Down"
Buy it now for £7.00
Joe Young - The Journey Home THE JOURNEY HOME - Joe Young
The first album from Joe Young, after a lifetime of writing songs, heavily influenced by the country/folk scene of America. This ten-track collection includes "18 Wheels", about Joe's trucker brother Richard who was tragically kileld in a road accident.
Buy it now for £7.99
Ivor James - Saved From Extinction SAVED FROM EXTINCTION - Ivor James
A 2012 release from Ivor James who has been performing on the country music club circuit for over 20 years. The title is partly a reference to Ivor reinventing his act. Ivor has recorded and produced the album himself. Includes "That's What They Said About The Buffalo" and "Another Song I Had To Write".
Buy it now for £6.00
Chris Green Project - Dance On Christmas Day DANCE ON CHRISTMAS DAY (single)- Chris Green Project
Christmas single about a little girl who loved dancing and put on her Christmas list that she wanted to dance with Father Christmas but was too shy to ask. Now all grown up, she still has that wish to dance with Santa on Christmas Day. Includes bonus track "Dream Comes True".
Buy it now for £2.99
Women In Country - Pop n Country POP 'N COUNTRY - Women In Country
A seven-track EP, produced in Nashville, of original songs by songwriters around the world. Includes "Christmas Snow" by the UK's Mark Newberry - a love song to a treasured season of the year - with those unable to be at home very much in mind.
Buy it now for £6.99
Lynne Butler - Christmas with Lynne Butler CHRISTMAS WITH LYNNE BUTLER (EP) - Lynne Butler
A four-track festive offering from UK country, bluegrass and rock artist Lynne Butler. Includes the original songs "The Christmas Lullaby" and "The Yodelling Christmas Song".
Buy it now for £5.00
John McLaughlin - The Fugitive THE FUGITIVE - John McLaughlin
Seven self-penned tracks from Co.Antrim's John McLaughlin, and some of the favourite traditional country songs. Includes "Too Good For Me" and "Don't You Cry Daddy".
Buy it now for £8.00
Rawley Taylor - A Touch Of Colour A TOUCH OF COLOUR - Rawley Taylor
The new album with Rawley gracing the cover in one of his designer Zoot suits which he bought form the US. Rawley has written 11 of the 12 tracks including "You Can't Drive My Car" in which the hen-pecked guy from Rawley's previous hit "Gasoline" makes an appearance
Buy it now for £10.00
Merilyn Steele - Extraordinary Daze EXTRAORDINARY DAZE - Merilyn Steele
This album from Australian artist Merilyn Steele tells of a journey with each song from events, emotions and places travelled. She explores controversial topics like the story of  the indigenous Australians and Merilyn's views on war in another. Includes the hit song "Information Blues", about the struggle to keep up with today's technology! Also includes the country blues duet 'Good Man, Good Woman', Merilyn's own version of the Bonnie Raitt/Delbert McClinton original.
"Well crafted songs......you'll understand why Merilyn is much more than just another girl singer", Rosie Adsett, Country Update.
Buy it now for £12.95
Chris Green Project - Road Of Many Colours ROAD OF MANY COLOURS - Chris Green Project
The Sussex-based band's debut album, containing a rich mix of 12 songs, all written by Chris Green. A fascinating and diverse collection of songs including the popular, catchy "Which Side Of The Bed", "Railroad Man", and the haunting Hurricane Katrina tribute song "White Magnolias".
Buy it now for £7.99
Chuck Hancock - On A Personal Note ON A PERSONAL NOTE - Chuck Hancock
A "labour of love" from the 2012 Inspirational Country Music Awards' Male Vocalist and Songwriter of the Year Chuck Hancock. Chuck wrote twelve of the fourteen tracks. Includes "Can't Make It Past Your Memory".
Buy it now for £9.50
Tennessee - From Me To You FROM ME TO YOU - Tennessee
The second album from Tennessee - and her first to feature all-original material, including three self-penned tracks. Includes "Home To Carolina" and "Where Did You Go"
Buy it now for £9.00
Chris Green Project - Beautiful World BEAUTIFUL WORLD - Chris Green Project
The second album of exclusively-written songs by Chris Green and all sung by Kirsty Durkan. Many of the songs reached the finals or semi-finals of the prestigious UK Songwriting Contest. Written in varying styles, it captures tender moving ballads - from the haunting "Broken Heart" and "Tender Is The Night" which was performed live in the finals of the International Song Of Peace in Tipperary, Ireland.
Buy it now for £7.99
Marc Ring - Cajun Moon CAJUN MOON (CD Single) - Marc Ring
Marc's first solo release in ten years following on from the success of his band Good Thinking's album "Turning The Clock Back." Includes "Water Town".
Buy it now for £2.99
Kel-Anne Brandt - I'm A Big Girl Now I'M A BIG GIRL NOW - Kel-Anne Brandt
An album from Austrlian Kel-Anne Brandt, demonstrating her versatility as an artist. The 12-track collection features a mix of classic and contemporary country. Includes "Go Away Come Back" and "My Baby Loves Me".
Buy it now for £12.95
Something Blue - Home Sweet Home HOME SWEET HOME - Red Dirt Skinners
A compilation of songs all about the events of the last weekend in March 2012. There are songs about hangovers, bad gigs, a burglary at their home, noisy roosters, staying positive and many more. One minute their lyrics rip your heart out and the next they make you laugh out loud. This virtuoso duo both sing and play all the instruments on Home Sweet Home. Includes "Mr.Jones".

Buy it now for £11.50
The Good Intentions - Someone Else's Time SOMEONE ELSE'S TIME - The Good Intentions
The second, critically-acclaimed album from The Good Intentions who play a blend of Appalachian, bluegrass and traditional country music. Includes "Everybody Loves A Drinking Man".
Buy it now for £10.00
Clive Rose - And Then Some... AND THEN SOME - Clive Rose
The third album from Clive Rose features six tracks inspired by his stay at the Camelot Hotel in Tintagel, a truly magical place for artists. Includes "Picking Up The Pieces" and "Tell Me".
Buy it now for £4.99
Luanne Hunt - Most Requested MOST REQUESTED - Luanne Hunt
A selection of songs from Luanne's 2007 critically-acclaimed CD "Breaking Through", as well as her 2010 CD "The Singles Sessions". There are also two brand new tracks, "He Was There" and "Dancing On The Moon".
Buy it now for £12.95
Sharon King - Nothing=Everything NOTHING = EVERYTHING - Sharon King and The Reckless Angels
Twelve original tracks in a loose bluegrass, old timey, Americana formation from a trio led by Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Sharon King. Includes "Josie" and "Avalon".
Buy it now for £12.99
Gary McGill - Blue Country BLUE COUNTRY - Gary McGill
An 11-track album mixing classic-sounding ballads with more contemporary original songs. There is at times a rawness to the recordings which contributes to a sense of a live feel. Includes "Those Blue Eyes", "Going Home", "Help Me Make It Through The Night" and "Love Me Not My Money".
Buy it now for £10.00
Skerryvore - World Of Chances WORLD OF CHANCES - Skerryvore
The fourth album from award-winning six-piece band Skerryvore who hail from the tiny Isle of Tiree in Scotland and who have gone on to become an international sensation performing everywhere from Chicago to Shanghai. The album weaves together the band's spine-tingling musical talents into a collection that is at times uplifting and at times reflective. Includes "It Feels Like Rain" and "Hey Hey Hey".
Buy it now for £10.99
PV Tanner - Country & Irish Favourite Vol.2 COUNTRY & IRISH FAVOURITES VOL 2 - P.V.Tanner
A second collection of some of the greatest songs ever written by country crooner P.V.Tanner. Includes "Wonderful Tonight" and "Love Song For My Father".
Buy it now for £9.99
Lisa Stanley - Love Me A Little Bit Longer LOVE ME A LITTLE BIT LONGER - Lisa Stanley
The second studio album from Lisa contains twelve great tracks including the very popular title track "Love Me A Little Bit Longer" which you'll hear a lot of on The Phil Mack Country Show (on which Lisa co-presents weekly) on Sky channel 201. This album is getting great reviews throughout the UK and Ireland and is a must have for any country fan.
Buy it now for £12.95
PV Tanner - Wonderful Tonight WONDERFUL TONIGHT (single) - P.V.Tanner
A cover version of the Eric Clapton song performed by country crooner P.V.Tanner
Buy it now for £2.99
Black Scarr - North & South NORTH & SOUTH - Black*Scarr
The critically acclaimed album from East London singer-songwriters Johnny Black and Emma Scarr. A mix of hard-hitting (his) and understated but plain-spoked (hers) writing have produced a set of songs that are musically striking and lyrically captivating. includes "Together"
Buy it now for £10.00
Clive Rose - But, That's Just Me BUT, THAT'S JUST ME - Clive Rose
The second album from Clive Rose who started his musical life as a drummer in Coventry band Free Fall before progressing to songwriting. Includes "But, That's Just Me" and "The Sound Of My Soul".
Buy it now for £7.99
Owen Moore - Rainy Day Songs RAINY DAY SONGS - Owen Moore
The second album of original songs from Irish guitarist and singer/songwriter Owen Moore who now lives in Bournemouth. Includes "True Love And Romance (Song For A Valentine)" inspired by Owen's difficulty finding a suitable card for his wife on Valentines Day 2011.
Buy it now for £9.99
Women In Country - Moments MOMENTS (EP) - Women in Country
A six-track Nashville-produced EP featuring original songs. Includes "So Broken Hearted" written by UK songwriter Mark Newberry.
Buy it now for £6.99
Good Thinking EP GOOD THINKING EP - Good Thinking
A new two-track EP from Good Thinking, the 70s country rock band who reformed in 2011. The EP includes "Where This Journey Takes Me" and "Tell Me", both written and produced by Marc Ring.
Buy it now for £3.99
Ray Peters - Something Different SOMETHING DIFFERENT - Ray Peters
An eleven-track solo album from Ray. Includes the self-penned "The Goodbye Song", written by Ray so his band could perform it at the end of their shows. The song peaked at number two in the British & Irish Hotdisc Chart.
Buy it now for £9.95
Ray Peterse - Singing' Pickin' Fiddlin' SINGIN' PICKIN' FIDDLIN' - The Ray Peters Band
A sixteen-track collection from Ray, Shaun and Phil who make up this trio who intend to travel further than ever before around the UK during 2012. includes "Amigo".
Buy it now for £9.95
The Barhoppers - Something Old, New, Borrowed, Bluegrass SOMETHING... ...OLD ...NEW ...BORROWED ...BLUEGRASS - The Barhoppers
The 2011 album from this trio who play a mix of bluegrass, cajun and western swing as well as modern and traditional country music. It's the band's first album featuring lead singer Gabbi Worsley and includes "Don't Touch Me" and "Once Bitten Twice Shy"
Buy it now for £6.75
Best of British & Irish Country 2011 BEST OF BRITISH & IRISH COUNTRY 2011
Produced by Hotdisc, 21 of the best British and Irish Country songs to be released in 2011. Includes tracks by the Hayley Oliver Band, Frank Jennings, Daniel James Ward, Clive John, Rockin' Horse, Aubrey Lovejoy, Brian Hughes, Belle Cannon and Blagards & Cowboys. UKCountryRadio.com customers also receive FIVE free Hotdisc albums.
Buy it now for £9.99
PV Tanner - Love Song For My Father LOVE SONG FOR MY FATHER (CD single) - PV Tanner
Written by US writers Chet A.Blum and Larry Wayne Clark, PV dedicates this song to his father who sacrificed so much for him in his lifetime, and to whom he owes a great deal.
Buy it now for £2.99
Jacqui Sharkey - A New Dawn A NEW DAWN - Jacqui Sharkey
The first album from Irish singler Jacqui Sharkey. Includes the self-penned bonus track "If I Had You".
Buy it now for £12.95
Peter Williams - Remembering Elvis REMEMBERING ELVIS PRESLEY - Peter Williams
Over 70 minutes of music as Peter Williams plays the hits of Elvis Presley on guitar. This is Peter's second tribute to Elvis. It contains 26 tracks including "There's Always Me".
Buy it now for £10.99
Gary Perkins - Listen For A Moment LISTEN FOR A MOMENT - Gary Perkins
The sixth album from Gary Perkins, who fronts British Country Music Band Of The Year 2011 The Breeze. The album, produced by Steve Beighton, includes three original tracks as well as covers of some classic country songs.
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Ian Highland - Pass Me By PASS ME BY - Ian Highland & Twilight Country
A new collection of classic country tracks from this five-piece band who are taking the UK country scene by storm. Includes "Carmen", "Pass Me By", "Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old" and "(I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again" with a special appearance by Kevin Stewart
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Rita B - Country Music Running Through My Veins COUNTRY MUSIC RUNNING THROUGH MY VEINS -
Rita B

The second album of original songs written by Rita with North Wales songwriter John Holt. Includes "Route 61 from Louisiana" and "Fiona".
Buy it now for £8.00
PV Tanner - Country & Irish Favourites Vol 1 COUNTRY & IRISH FAVOURITES VOL 1 -
An album PV has always wanted to make. It contains his versions of some of the greatest songs ever written. Includes "Call Me The Breeze", "When I Dream", "After All These Years", "I Will Love You All My Life" and "For The Good Times"
Buy it now for £9.99
Allen Karl - Butterflies BUTTERFLIES (CD Single + DVD) - Allen Karl
The hot line dance hit from "The Good Guy In The Black Hat". Written by Songwriters Hall of Fame Member Jerry Foster. Includes a DVD featuring the video to the track, and a demonstration of the line dance "The Butterfly", choreographed by Rafel Corbi.
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Jack Gaton - Punk Country PUNK COUNTRY - Jack Gaton
A mixed bag of new Jack Gaton songs, from outright country rockers to acoustic ballads. The backing band are as lively as always, and the lyrics are always entertaining. Includes "The Long Road Down", "Armageddon Blues" and "Booze And Drugs".
Buy it now for £9.99
Sam Millar - Guardian Angels GUARDIAN ANGELS (single) - Sam Millar
This single from Sam tells the story of a father who receives a letter from his daughter shortly before she is due to get married. He is unsure of the marriage but it all ends happily. The song is dedicated to the late Paul Davis, the founder of the New Christian Music Charts.
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Joe Bob Ritter - A Letter To Kate A LETTER TO KATE (single) - Joe Bob Ritter
New single from Joe Bob Ritter, great nephew of the famous fifties cowboy singer Tex Ritter, in which he begs the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton, to call off her wedding to Prince William, and marry him instead!
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Rawley Taylor - The Golden Ring and Other Stories THE GOLDEN RING AND OTHER STORIES - Rawley Taylor
A collection of songs that all tell stories from "The Golden Ring", a tale of the First World War, to "The Wild Side Of Life", a wry look into the male menopause, traditional country tale of woe "Chevvy In Your Driveway" and the UKCountryRadio.com favourite, "Gasoline".
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Wayne Jacobs - Sounds Good To Me SOUNDS GOOD TO ME - Wayne Jacobs
A six-track collection of original songs written by Wayne. Includes "My Tennessee Girl", "Let Me Take You Home" and "She Is An Awesome Six-String Fender"
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Debra Andrew - Child Of The Universe CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE - Debra Andrew
Debra’s soft angelic vocals, folk - country/acoustic sound and beautifully crafted songs make her debut solo album ‘Child Of The Universe’ a treasure for everyone.
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Blagards & Cowboys - Skulduggery SKULDUGGERY - Blagards & Cowboys
Blagards & Cowboys are former members of The Pirates and Deep Purple. They dish up a country rock feast with this album. See their website for reviews. Includes "Blagards & Cowboys", "Inside out Again" and "White Horses Of Lyme Bay"
Buy it now for £9.40
Imber-Dean - For You FOR YOU - Imber-Dean
A 2011 mini-album from El Imber and Terry Dean, prominent members of The Misty Dream Band in the early 1980s. Includes "Love Me Tonight", cowritten by Tammy Beal, "Wistful Lady" and the Misty Dream Band signature tune "Rhimber".
Buy it now for £5.99
Jack Gaton - Northeast Of Shoetown NORTHEAST OF SHOETOWN - Jack Gaton
Recorded in the autumn of 2010, this album brings together a mixed bag of songs, with contemporary and traditional themes, all given a modern feel by Jack's very young backing band. Includes "California Wine", "Outlaws On Tequila" and "My Town"
Buy it now for £9.99
Travis Logan - Ride Into Tomorrow RIDE INTO TOMORROW - Travis Logan
This is Travis's second album to be recorded in Nashville and contains ten brand new original songs. Among them is "Arizona Skies" which is influenced by Travis's childhood memories of watching Western movies on Saturday afternoons.
Buy it now for £12.99
Dave Wright - The Handkerchief Lady THE HANDKERCHIEF LADY - Dave Wright
The third self-penned album from Bristol-based Dave Wright was named after his mum Pam. She met Dave's dad after selling him all the handkerchiefs she had made for a church fete. The album includes "Lights On The Runway" and Hotdisc Chart hits "Kathy's Eyes" and "Who's Kissing My Baby At Christmas".
Buy it now for £9.00
Graham Clark - Between Clark And Nashville
The debut album from Midlands-based singer/songwriter Graham Clark was recorded in Nashville. The album received airplay on radio stations across the world and several tracks were successful in the European country music charts. The album includes "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me", "Hey Alright", "Angelyne" and "He's Back And I'm Blue".
Buy it now for £8.00
Brian Hughes - My Kind Of Paradise MY KIND OF PARADISE - Brian Hughes
The fourth studio album from Scotland's Brian Hughes contains eleven self-penned tracks. The album is pure quality - from the songwriting and performances to the production and packaging. It includes "Damascus Road" - a song about a death row centre in Texas.
Buy it now for £12.00
Rita B - In My Own Wor(l)ds IN MY OWN WOR(L)DS - Rita B
This is Rita B's first album of self-penned material which has seen her team up with writer John Holt. The album includes "Wasted Tears", "I Want My Song To Have A Good Hook", "Dance In My Fire", "Then Love Was Young" and "Got Caught When Your Guard Was Down".
Buy it now for £8.00
Jonny & Lynnete - Together TOGETHER - Jonny & Lynnette
The first duet album from Jonny Williams and Lynnette Marie sees these two popular solo artists team up to perform some classic country music duets. The album includes "Just Between You And Me"
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The Cutlers of Cornwall - The Midnight Train THE MIDNIGHT TRAIN - The Cutlers Of Cornwall
The title track of this six-track EP contains the thoughts of a soldier coming home from a tour of Afghanistan. The EP also includes "Ole Country Boy", a finalist in our Listeners' Club Award 2010.
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Owen Moore - Windswept Songs On A Broken Guitar WINDSWEPT SONGS ON A BROKEN GUITAR - Owen Moore
“Twelve Original Songs Blown In On A Warm Southern Breeze”.  A brand new collection of original recordings, some happy, some sad, but all written, produced, played and sung by Owen Moore. Includes “Ride Along (The Outlaw Cowboy’s Song)”.
Buy it now for £9.99
Dave Drain Band - Songs By Request SONGS BY REQUEST - Dave Drain Band
An album of fan favourites from this 4-piece East Anglian live band. The album contains ten tracks including the popular tracks "Shelly's Winter Love" and "Shoes Keep Walkin'"
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Peter Williams Plays Country PETER WILLIAMS PLAYS COUNTRY - Peter Williams
A 19-track collection of country instrumentals from guitarist Peter Williams - his voice is his guitar. The album runs for nearly 74 minutes and opens with the Willie Nelson classic "City Of New Orleans".
Buy it now for £11.99
Peter Williams - Lone Rider: Great TV & Movie Western Themes LONE RIDER: GREAT TV & MOVIE WESTERN THEMES - Peter Williams
A 23-track collection of instrumentals from guitarist Peter Williams - his voice is his guitar. Includes a tribute to the legendary Frankie Laine.
Buy it now for £11.99
Cutlers Of Cornwall - Old Songs For Young Heroes OLD SONGS FOR YOUNG HEROES - The Cutlers Of Cornwall
A special album from Scrumpy and Western Band The Cutlers Of Cornwall raising money for British troops. The album contains old songs, such as You Are My Sunshine. The CD is exclusive to our Online Music Store with £1 from each sale going to Help For Heroes and £1 to the Royal British Legion.
Buy it now for £9.99
Gary McGill - Pieces Of My Life PIECES OF MY LIFE - Gary McGill
A collection of songs from Gary's past and present, interwoven with original country, easy listening, rock and blues. It includes several tracks which Gary performs at his local clubs and pubs. Tracks include classic sounding country blues ballad "Lonely Train" and "Should Be On TV" - a tongue-in-cheek catchy country swing with a message or two.
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McKenZie - 2 For The Road 2 FOR THE ROAD - McKenZie
The second album from Kenny Plenderleith and Zoe Caryl features fourteen brand new self-penned tracks. Among them is the collaboration with country legend George Hamilton IV, Ice Road Truckers.
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Imber-Dean - Paths PATHS - Imber-Dean
Singer and guitarist Terry Dean and steel guitar player El Imber have been on the country music scene for years. After a 27 year break, they have got together to produce this album which recreates the unique sound they had with their band Misty Dream Band nearly thirty years ago.
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Jack Gaton - Apology Road APOLOGY ROAD - Jack Gaton
A collection of live favourites that always entertain. The album attempts to capture the spirit of a live Jack Gaton concert. All the songs are laid down in a single take, just with Jack and a Washburn semi-acoustic guitar. Includes "Change In The Weather", "Suburban Penitentiary", and "An Old Country Song".
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Danny Lee - Just Fly JUST FLY - Danny Lee
This album was recorded in Nashville, remixed in England and features some of Nashville's finest musicians. The album includes Running Down The Road, Open Up For Me, We Can Only Go To Here, Invisible Touch. Do You Love Me and Flowers In The Rain.
Buy it now for £7.00
Jonny Williams - Heartbreak And Happiness
    This is Jonny's tenth album of hs trademark blend of traditional country music. The album includes three self-penned tracks, such as One Sided Love Affair, written while Jonny was going through a particularly traumatic time in his personal life. The album features backing vocals from MaryJean and fellow UK country artist Lynnette Marie.
Buy it now for £8.00
Southern County - Rush RUSH - Southern County
The new album from this Somerset-based four-piece acoustic band who play a blend of contemporary country, bluegrass and folk music. Featured tracks include This Letter, Back Tomorrow, Journey of a Break-Up, and City Rush Hour.
Buy it now for £8.50
Sam Millar - Saturday Night SATURDAY NIGHT - Sam Millar
Sam's second album was recorded in Nashville with the help of top session musicians and singers under the guidance of producer Mark Moseley. It contains twelve tracks all with a theme and emotions around a Saturday night. Eleven of the tracks were written by Sam. Includes the track House Full Of Love , Temptation My Heart and Just Give Me A Beautiful Girl On A Horse With Some Lemonade.
Buy it now for £9.95
Cutlers Of Cornwall - Cutler Country CUTLER COUNTRY - The Cutlers Of Cornwall
The first pure country album from The Cutlers of Cornwall, who usually play a blend of folk and country which they refer to as "Scrumpy And Western". The album features some Jim Reeves covers, a couple of Irish country songs such as Gentle Mother and Broken Marriage Vows, classic country such as From A Jack To A King and some originals including Ole Country Boy, Mexican Morn and Condolisa.
Buy it now for £9.99
Cutlers Of Cornwall - Snowflakes Are Kisses From Angels SNOWFLAKES ARE KISSES FROM ANGELS - The Cutlers Of Cornwall
£5 from every copy of this seven track compilation will go towards The Precious Lives Appeal. This is a cause supported by The Cutlers Of Cornwall, to build a hospice for children in their home county in the south west of England.
Buy it now for £9.99
Doug Bruce - All I Need ALL I NEED - Doug Bruce
The first full album from this Texan who now is a very successful artist in Australia, which includes the award-winning What I'm Drinkin' About. The album was named Victorian Album of the Year and Best Independent Release at the 2009 Victorian and National Country Music Awards.
Buy it now for £14.00
Travis Logan - Down To Earth Kinda Man DOWN TO EARTH KINDA MAN - Travis Logan
Ten original songs recorded in Nashville where Travis enlisted the help of renowned producer Lonnie Ratliff and top musicians including Dow Tomlin and Rodger Morris who have played bass and keyboards for Brooks & Dunn and Kenny Chesney respectively. Includes the track Sunsets Every Morning, featured on UKCountryRadio.com
Buy it now for £12.00
Graham Rodger - We're Gonna Be Alright WE'RE GONNA BE ALRIGHT - Graham Rodger
The latest album from Australian singer/songwriter Graham Rodger who has won no fewer than 39 awards down under. The title track made it all the way to number one in the Independent Top 40 charts.
Buy it now for £14.00
Audrey Kelly - Something Funny Goin' On SOMETHING FUNNY GOIN' ON - Audrey Kelly
This debut album from Glasgow's Audrey Kelly features no fewer than four songs that have made it into the top 10 in the independent British Country Music Charts. Most of the songs are written by Scottish songwriter Alex Birnie including Wasted Tears, Wasted Years.
Buy it now for £7.89
McKenZie - Walking On Steel

McKenZie released this album in November 2007. It contains ten fantastic original tracks including Lovestruck.

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Dave Sheriff - All Friends Together ALL FRIENDS TOGETHER - Dave Sheriff
Dave has one of the biggest followings on the UK scene. This album features 12 brand new tracks, all written by Dave, and opens with Come On Down To Killarney.
Buy it now for £12.00
Cutlers Of Cornwall - Through The Ages TELSTAR: THROUGH THE AGES - The Cutlers Of Cornwall
Another offering from The Cutlers Of Cornwall - this time featuring well known songs from a variety of musical genres. The album includes the country favourites Welcome To My World and It's A Sin To Tell A Lie.
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Jim is passionate about song writing and has released this album in the hope other artists will pick up on some of the tracks on it and record them themselves. The album includes Ways Of A Drifter and Old Love.
Buy it now for £11.00
Peter Williams - Instrumentally Christmas ESPECIALLY FOR YOU - INSTRUMENTALLY CHRISTMAS - Peter Williams
His voice is his guitar - and Peter brings us seventeen Christmas favourites on this instrumental collection. It includes covers of Walking In The Air from the film The Snowman and Elvis Presley's Blue Christmas. Plus there's a bonus track from John Leyton.
Buy it now for £10.00
Richard Plank & Guy Charles - Going To The West GOING TO THE WEST - Richard Plank & Guy Charles
An album of American folk, and old-time country recorded just like they did in the old days. Featured tracks include Bully Of the Town, The Hobo Song and Old Horse and Buggy
Buy it now for £12.00
The Cutlers Of Cornwall - Christmas With The Cutlers

This 4-track Christmas EP includes the track Snowflakes Are Kisses From Angels, which the Cutlers used to support The Precious Lives Appeal, raising money for a children's hospice in Cornwall.

Out of stock
The Cutlers Of Cornwall - A Country Life A COUNTRY LIFE - The Cutlers Of Cornwall
This album from Cornwall's "Scrumpy and Western" band includes The Miners' Wife which tells the tale of how, if Cornish tin miners' were killed during their work, their families would often end up being evicted from their homes.
Buy it now for £9.99
Tim Kinsey - What Do You Think Of Me WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ME - Tim Kinsey
A superb album from Alabama based musician and singer/songwriter Tim Kinsey. Recorded in Nashville, the album features the fabulous ballad Leanin' On Me.
Buy it now for £10.99
Arizona Wes - Your Songs YOUR SONGS - Arizona Wes
Ten favourite songs from Arizona Wes's live shows, recorded and produced by Travis Logan in September 2007. The album includes the cover of the early Toby Keith hit Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You.
Buy it now for £8.00
Lynne Butler - A Little Country, A Little Bluegrass, And A Whole Lotta Me A LITTLE COUNTRY, A LITTLE BLUEGRASS, AND A WHOLE LOTTA ME - Lynne Butler
The title of this album just about sums it up. Most of the album was recorded live with Lynne and three members of her band sitting in a circle facing each other in the studio. A mix of country and bluegrass is what you get. The album features the wonderful "Thinking 'Bout Love"
Buy it now for £10.00
Lynne Butler - Talk To The Face TALK TO THE FACE - Lynne Butler
This album features Lynne's mix of lighthearted, humorous songs, and soulful ballads. Songs we have featured from the album include Talk To The Face, I'm Blue and He Just Does It. The album also features a bonus track of Thinking 'Bout Love which is also on Lynne's previous album A Little Country, A Little Bluegrass, and a Whole Lotta Me.
Buy it now for £10.00
Jackie Storrar - Cross The Border CROSS THE BORDER - Jackie Storrar
This crossover album features mostly original songs co-written by Jackie, with a recurring theme of people being caught at moments of indecision or pausing at one of those life-changing moments such as “She’s All Cried Out”. There is also an amazing new interpretations of Motorhead's song Ace Of Spades.
Buy it now for £10.99
Jonny Williams - Sing Me Back Home

SING ME BACK HOME - Jonny Williams
This is Jonny's 9th album and features songs that Jonny Williams has introduced into his live shows since late 2007. The album includes I Know Who Drove Her There and the excellent cover of a George Jones classic I Should've Called.

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