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0000 The UK Country Showcase  
An hour of UK country

0100 Number Ones At One  
An hour of number one American country hits

0200 The Hottest Country Music Through The Night  

0500 The Vault  
Songs you don't get to hear too often from deep inside our gigantic music collection

0600 The Hottest Country Music At Breakfast  

0900 The Country Music Goldmine  
An hour of classic country music from the archives

1000  Brian Stanley
The hottest country music in the morning including Three Of The Best from one artist at 1030, a couple of great love songs in Love At Eleven and a look at CMA Award winners down the years. Then from midday, Brian brings you an hour of UK country in the UK Country Showcase.

1300  Nutty Norah
The hottest country music in the afternoon beginning with an hour of chart-topping hits in Number Ones at One.
Listen out too for three classics from our Country Music Goldmine at 2.30, and the "Duet Of The Day".

1600 The Hotdisc British & Irish Chart with  Allan Watkiss
The top 10 highest rated British & Irish tracks from the latest editions of promotional CD Hotdisc, as rated by country music DJs from around Europe

1700  Allan Watkiss
Allan plays the Hottest Country Music for the UK and brings you all the country music news of the day. Listen too for three rarely-heard tracks from our gigantic music collection in The Vault, and more from our Never Ending Country Music Quiz.

2000 Monthly specialist programme  
Week 1:'s Most Heard with Liz Hill
We can count EXACTLY how many times each track is listened to on Laura counts down the Top 10 most heard tracks of last month and also reveals the best-sellers in our Online Music Store.

Week 2: The All-Album Show with Bob Preedy
Bob plays his favourite tracks from the latest country music albums. Why does he always seem to choose track 11?

Week 3: The Irish Country Music Hour with Bob King

An hour of the best in Irish country music

Week 4: The Songwriters' Hour with Graham Rodgers
A look at the art of coauntry music songwriting by one of the UK's finest songwriters, Graham Rodgers.

2100 The Country Music Goldmine  
An hour of classic country music from the archives

2200 The Hottest Country Music At Night