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0000 The UK Country Showcase  
An hour of UK country music

0100 Number Ones At One  
An hour of number one American country hits

0200 The Hottest Country Music Through The Night  

0500 The Vault  
Songs you don't get to hear too often from deep inside our gigantic music collection

0600 The Hottest Country Music At Breakfast  

0900 The Country Music Goldmine  
An hour of classic country music from the archives

1000  Brian Stanley
The hottest country music in the morning, including an hour of UK country in the UK Country Showcase from 12noon. Listen too for three of the best at 1030 and Love Songs at Eleven.

1300  Nutty Norah
An hour of country music chart-toppers in Number Ones At One. Then Norah brings you the hottest country music in the afternoon, and her observations on the events of the day. Hear a couple of classics from our Country Music Goldmine and today's Duet Of The Day.

1600 The following programmes alternate fortnightly:  
The Bluegrass Jamboree Radio Show with Pete Englefield"
A great mix of bluegrass music from the UK and beyond

The Irish Country Collection with John Dean
An hour of music from both north and south of the Irish border

1700  Allan Watkiss
The hottest country music in the evening and all the country music news of the day. Plus a look at some of the highlights from the live country music scene over the forthcoming weekend. It's the bonus hour from 8pm, including half an hour of non stop country love songs to end the show

2000 Same Roots, Different Fruits with  Bryan Chalker
Veteran broadcaster Bryan Chalker plays music from his collection of 70-thousand titles. A unique mix including bluegrass, cajun, old-time, reggae, western swing, rockabilly, tex-mex, ceilidh, gospel, folk, blues and hillbilly.

2200 The Hottest Country Music At Night