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0000 The Hottest Country Music At Night  

0100 Number Ones At One  

0200 The Hottest Country Music At Night  

0500 The Vault  

0600 The Hottest Country Music At Breakfast  

0900 The Country Music Goldmine  

1000  Brian Stanley
The Hottest Country Music for a Friday morning. Includes Three of The Best from one country music artist, Love Songs at Eleven and an hour of UK country in The UK Country Showcase from midday

1300  Nutty Norah
An hour of country music chart-toppers in Number Ones At One. Then Norah brings you the hottest country music in the afternoon, including a couple of classics from our Country Music Goldmine and the Duet of The Day. Norah also has her take on the events of the day.

Weeks 1 and 3: Country Spirit with Graham L.Hall
Real people, playing real music with real music from the darker side of town. No men in suits, no backing tracks and no drum machines allowed.

Week 2: Three Chords And The Truth with Margaret Ann
Margaret features the work of two prominent country music songwriters

Week 4: Butler's Boudoir Bluegrass with Lynne Butler

The best in UK and European bluegrass music

1700  Martyn Williams
Martyn kicks off the country music weekend with some great music.There's the final play of a track from our Album Of The Week and the first tracks from this weekend's Spotlight UK Artist.

2000 Margaret Ann's Party Tunes  
An hour of songs on the theme of 'party'

2100 The Country Music Goldmine  
An hour of classic country music from the archives

2200 The Hottest Country Music at Night  
Including a track each hour from this weekend's Spotlight UK Artist