Review: Catherine McGrath, Talk of Your Town Tour
Scala, London, September 2018

Review by Amy Deller

Catherine McGrath is a 21 year old singer from Northern Ireland who has been recognised by the likes of Elton John and been dubbed as the ‘British answer to Taylor Swift’.

Following the release of her debut album: ‘Talk of This Town’ in July which immediately went to number 1 in the country charts, I was much anticipating her first headline tour. I attended the London show at Scala in Kings Cross.

The night started with Catherine’s younger sister Mary playing a few acoustic original tracks, followed by a medley of modern pop and country music, which certainly set the crowd in good stead for the rest of the evening. McGrath had a second opening act: Starling, who offered a conceptual contribution with an entertaining set and an interesting electric undertone.

Although the show attracted a large audience, it still had a feel of intimacy, where the strings of lights and paper bag lanterns alluded to a small, acoustic gig – the sort of environment perfectly suited to McGrath’s musical talents.

Her set primarily consisted of the majority of the tracks from her debut album – a clear fan favourite being ‘Lost In The Middle’: a song perfectly capturing the experience of country music fans when listening to our genre of music, and quite literally getting ‘lost in the middle’ of the stories and situations our favourite artists are inviting us into through their music. And of course, McGrath’s most commonly known songs: ‘Wild’ (which was cleverly mixed with ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay) and ‘Talk of This Town’ got a great reception from the crowd, who were singing along to every word.

Other memorable moments included a duet with Catherine and her sister Mary – a cover of Shania Twain’s ‘You’re still the one’ – as well McGrath’s performance of one of her first singles from her debut EP: ‘Hell Would Have to Freeze Over’.

Overall, the show was an enjoyable evening showcasing the emerging talent of McGrath, who will no doubt be dominating country music very quickly. I would definitely recommend listening to her album and watching this space for what is yet to come for her.