Richard EdesonRichard was born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, in 1951. His interests include walking, running, tennis, cycling, radio, computers and the internet, travel, DIY and tasting single malts !

Richard's interest in radio began in the early 60's when his parents bought him a small transistor radio which came with the unusually named "Flying Bomb" 9 volt battery. Early in the 60's the only music was Radio Luxembourg on 208 metres medium wave broadcasting in the evening and Alan Freemans Pick of the Pops on a Sunday afternoon from the BBC's Light Program broadcasting then on 1500 metres on the long wave band.

This all changed in March 1964 when the pirate radio station Radio Caroline started broadcasting off the coast at Felixstowe. Reception in Yorkshire was poor but possible with a long wire aerial going all the way round the wall. In 1966 Radio 270 started broadcasting from Scarborough and could be recieved clearly on a little transistor radio much to the delight of Yorkshire teenagers and many other age groups. Since then radio has changed a lot but Richard's interest and excitment in radio and using the internet to broadcast is just as high as it was in the 60's. 

Join Richard every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon from 1pm, beginning with an hour of chart-topping hits in Number Ones At One. Richard also plays three classics back to back from our Country Music Goldmine and picks out a great collaboration for his Duet Of The Day. He also takes a peek behind one of the Bricks on the Wall.

You can also join Richard for our Late Night Love Affair every Sunday night from 10pm featuring two hours of non stop country love songs.

On Sunday 14th July 2013, Richard took part in a fundraising event for the Rotary Club of York's Charity Fund "York Samaritans". He took part part in the annual "Dragon Boat Race" on the River Ouse and their team came 10th fastest out of 36 teams and beating 2 of the teams from the armed forces.

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