Lynne ButlerLynne Nash aka Yodellynne and Lynne Butler is the "Queen of the Yodellers" here in the UK but she's not just a  yodeller.  Lynne is rated as a highly accomplished songwriter, vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist. Her vocal range and ability allows her to sing any kind of music across many genres and her versatility enables her to sing at almost any kind of event from festivals and weddings to corporate events providing a wide selection of popular music.

Lynne's corporate clients to date include Gartner Group, First Direct, Lufthansa Airlines, Vanilla Bean Cafe, Hungry McBear TV, Channel 4, Hattrick Productions. Princess TV productions, Bauer Media and the BBC and whilst being a member of Sam Brown’s International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common, Lynne and her son (a very talented musician in his own right) had the extreme good fortune of recording on Joe Brown’s ‘The Ukulele Album’ released in 2012.

Lynne's love of bluegrass music started 20 years ago and she has played in bluegrass bands mostly asdouble bassist and vocalist and she now brings her passion to each week on Butler's Boudoir Bluegrass. 

Join Yodellynne for Butler's Boudoir Bluegrass every Thursday at 8pm and Wednesday at 4pm.

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