Lawrence John
Lawrence John presents The Irish Country Collection on the third Tuesday and Wednesday of every month on

It's an hour of the best in Irish Country presented by a man who probably knows more than most about this kind of music, as he has written hits for some of Ireland's leading Country singers, including Mike Denver, Robert Mizzell, The Benn Sisters and John McNicholl.

Discover the exciting world of Irish Country as Lawrence presents a one hour jamboree of the best Ireland has to offer, from the Showband roots of Irish Country to Larry Cunningham,  Johnny McEvoy, Big Tom, Philomena Begley, Susan McCann, Margo and Daniel O'Donnell, to today's current crop of country stars, Jimmy Buckley, Mike Denver, Robert Mizzell, Patrick Feeney, John McNicholl, The Benn Sisters and more.

From sentimental Irish ballads and beautiful waltzes to good old fashioned knee-slappers, Irish Country is music with feeling, with personality and with life.

Learns things you didn't know, about Irish Country in the Irish Country Collection with Lawrence John. Join him on the third Tuesday of every month at 8pm, and the next day, Wednesday, at 4pm.