• Mark Newberry (songwriter)
  • MARK NEWBERRY served for three decades with London's Metropolitan Police and retired as arguably the busiest custody officer. In retirement, a love of verse and lyrics came together in the publication of a collection called "Singing Words" in 2006. He then concentrated on song lyrics which led to songs in various genres including country, Christmas and love songs.

    The 2010 JIP Records album "Love Songs" included Mark's "I Should Have Called You" and the 2011 album "Chris Warren Sings Christmas Originals" contained "Christmas Snow", also written by Mark.""

    In 2011, Mark's song "So Broken Hearted" was pitched to McClure and Trowbridge Music Publishing in Nashville and was accepted for inclusion on an EP "Moments - Women In Country" which is available from our Online Music Store.

    Mark released several singles in 2013. "You Smiled", performed by Pete Dymond, was recorded and produced by Pete at his studios, Diamond Studios, in Bristol. It was followed, in July, by "Make Your Mind Up". Mark wrote the lyrics for the song, and teamed up with Bob Evans who wrote the music and recorded the track.

    Mark then released a tribute song "Daddy Knew Johnny Cash", followed, in November by "Lonesome Rail", recorded once again by Pete Dymond.

    Mark's first release of 2014 was "Serves Me Right" and more recent recordings include the South Devon folk song “Down By The Mewstone” and the instrumental “Home Again Rag” – a nod to the style of Scott Joplin.

    Mark also writes verse poetry and in 2019 released the single "It's A Heartache Thing".
    Mark released the song "Dreamland" in September 2020.

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