• The Annie Duggan Band
  • For the past 10 years Ann Duggan has slowly but surely been building a sizeable following on the U.K music scene. It would be true to say that it wasn’t until her early twenties that Ann ever considered a career in music.

    In fact until then, she hadn’t even sung in the bath, much less performed in public, but a chance meeting with Norfolk based songwriter Colin Granger was to change the course of her life. Having been persuaded to road test some of his songs with him in local folk clubs and festivals she embarked on a journey from which there was to be no looking back.

    Annie has established herself as one of the most distinctive voices on the UK live circuit, gigging extensively throughout the country to increasingly enthusiastic crowds. Ann’s voice has taken her from the East Midlands to Chicago and the Mississippi. Along the way she has formed her own band and recorded 4 celebrated albums.

    “Every thing has changed for me,” she reflects. “I gave up a secure career, and took to the road as a musician. Sometimes I think I’m more like a character in one of Colin’s songs than the person that sings them!”

    Although her US fans still remember her as the “White Blues Lady”, and in spite of her having performed with Blues greats such as Larry Garner, Lonnie Shields and Mr. Johnnie Billington, Ann’s music might best be described as a seamless mix of country, roots and roadhouse rock, all played with a powerful combination of energy, melody and lyricism. With current band members, that include Rob Hines (guitars), Rich Paling (bass) and Paul 'Slim' Williams (drums) Annie is able to perform with various line ups to suit any venue or show style. From a duo playing with Rob Hines on acoustic guitar, through to a more standard vocal, guitar, bass & drums four piece or ultimately as the full five piece band with extra instrumentation."

    The album "If I Knew Then" is an exciting album with a catchy variety of songs, all originals except for Live Forever which was co-written by Billy Joe Shaver and Eddy Shaver. The album is another exciting example of the collaboration between the writer Colin Granger and the Annie Duggan Band where he writes the songs and the band perform them across the country to an ever growing appreciative audience.

    "Beginning with a slow build-up riff, this new album bursts into life approximately 6 seconds into the opening track and only disappoints at the end - when you realise the record has finished.

    "Blues-infused boogies like "Shooter's Last Ride" and the 1970's-style rock of "Taking Me Out Tonight", through delicate, acoustic ballads like "Dream Of You", "The Way You Are" and "Live Forever", make this a sterling body of work which makes for a strong showcase of what must be an exciting live act.

    "Travelling Man Blues" is a rockin' life-on-the-road anthem, while "Sucking Down Air" is an impressive cross between Pink Floyd and Mary Chapin Carpenter. Imagine that! "Days Like These" is another such foot tapper backed with a catchy acoustic guitar, while the closing 6-minute epic "Worn Out Blues" is the kind of pleasingly poetic lament which can only be found at the end of an album.

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