• The Barhoppers

  • THE BARHOPPERS originally formed as a four piece band in 1998. At the end of 2000 the bass player left and they decided to remain as a trio. The format has remained the same featuring both female and male vocals, pedal steel guitar, guitars, accordion, banjo and mandolin.

    Although the format has stayed the same, in April 2010 the lead singer decided to leave and after a bit of searching for a new singer, Gabbi joined The Barhoppers.

    The line up now consists of Gabbi Worsley, Tony Browne, and David Crayford-Noble.


    Before taking a career break to raise a family Gabbi performed as a Designer Watches cabaret artiste singing at numerous venues with their resident bands. The valuable stage skills gained from this type of work are an asset to any performing band. Now, as her family have grown up, Gabbi is restarting her singing career and has joined The Barhoppers to take on the role of Lead Vocalist and although she is new to the country music scene her voice is particularly suited to country music.
    Since joining The Barhoppers, Gabbi has started to write her own songs and some of these are regularly included in the set lists.


    Residing in Norwich, Norfolk, Tony has been performing on the country music circuit for over 30 years and is among the top pedal steel guitarists in the country. Tony also plays the Guitar and the Five String Banjo.
    For most of this time Tony performed with various artistes in most of the major venues in the East of England as well as “depping” in with numerous bands as and when needed. Throughout this time Tony has also done work as a session musician in recording studios laying down steel tracks on numerous CDs.
    Tony is the lead instrumentalist of the band and the pedal steel provides the sought after, and, authentic country music sound which has been popular since the fifties whilst the Guitar and Banjo add variation.


    From Norfolk and like Tony, David has been performing for over 30 years. Whilst occasionally helping out other local bands the main stay of David’s work was in a duo called “Buddys”. They formed in 1976 and were popular in pubs and clubs throughout East Anglia up until 1996 when injuries incurred from a road accident forced the other half of the duo to retire.
    Between 1996 and the formation of The Barhoppers in 1998, David “depped” in with various acts to keep his hand in whilst looking for a regular band.
    With The Barhoppers David plays the rhythm guitar, the accordion and the Mandolin as well as Lead and Harmony Vocals.

    The variety of instruments played by The Barhoppers enables them to incorporate a wide range of country music styles in their act including Bluegrass, Cajun and Western Swing as well as modern and traditional mainstream country. It also adds a visual element to the performance."

    2011 saw the release of the first Barhoppers CD with Gabbi called "Something... ...Old ...New ...Borrowed ...Bluegrass".
    It includes two tracks written by Gabbi, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” and “Fast Train”. The CD can be purchased through our Online Music Store, at Barhoppers gigs and on line at their website www.thebarhoppers.co.uk where you will also find gig guides, guest book and blogs etc.

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