• Lynne Butler
  • LYNNE BUTLER has been singing semi-professionally for many years and turned professional in 2004. Through her promotion of bluegrass music on UKCountryRadio.com, she is well known on the circuit throughout Europe, attending many of the festivals in her capacity of a journalist and Internet DJ and even singing at the bluegrass festivals.

    However Lynne does not just sing bluegrass. Rated as a highly accomplished vocalist, Lynne's vocal range and ability allows her to sing any kind of music across many genres from country to rock and indeed, she has fronted a couple of rock bands in the past as well as other cover bands. Her versitility enables her to sing at any kind of event from bluegrass/country festivals to providing live 'music across the decades/popular covers' at weddings and other venues. Lynne is also an accomplished Yodeller!!!! This adds lots of fun and entertainment for everyone when called for and even the Swiss Embassy has taken an interest in her yodelling! Recenty her yodelling took her to the Cornbury Festvial in Oxfordshire with the Ukulele Club of Sonning Common where the track was recorded and put on the compilation CD alongside such names as Alison Moyet, Elvis Costello, Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band, Pixie Lott, Macy Gray etc

    As part of Sam Brown's 'International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common', Lynne and her son George (a talented Ukulele player too) performed at a concert near Henley on Thames alongside such respected artists as Sam herself, Mr Joe Brown MBE (with whom she did a fun 'yodelling' duet), Charlie Dore, Pete Brown, Aitch McRobbie, Rich Newman, Sandy Hill, Mo Evans, Aaron McRobbie and many other fabulously talented people - namely the whole of the Ukulele Club. Look out for the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common as the gigs are coming in fast and are wonderful fun and extremely entertaining. Also, the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common had the honour of recording on Joe Brown's latest album which has now been released.""

    In 2010, Lynne did some session work for Doris Brendel, the daughter of the worldwide acclaimed pianist Alfred Brendel, providing backing vocals on her newly released album - The Last Adventure. In 2009 her song 'Talk to the Face' was nominated for the UKcountryradio.com's Listeners' Club Award where she got into the top three and in 2010 another song 'The Sky' won her third place in the Listeners' Club Award. You can see Lynne at most of the major Bluegrass festivals either performing, emceeing or doing radio coverage not only here in the UK but overseas too.

    Lynne has written three albums,Casual Watches one of which is a children's one, and is currently writing a fourth. The new album will be a mixture of many genres including Rock n Roll, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, Country and Ballads etc.

    On the bluegrass scene Lynne has worked with many of the UK's well known artists and use to be part of the original Lynne Butler band with Sherryl Payne, Richard Holland, Gary Payne. Richard Hampton and Emily Smith and more recently with Rod Jackson, Bob Winquist and Pat Frances.

    Lynne is currently playing in various bands on various instruments (electric bass, double bass, ukulele, guitar, banjo and drums). She is being kept busy and most recently have been holding yodelling workshops for those who have seen or heard her yodelling and have expressed an interest in wanting to learn. They are great fun and Lynne will soon be taking them into the corporate world for team building exercises.

    All of Lynne's songs are available for download via Amazon and iTunes - just Google Lynne Butler :)

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