• Robbie Harte
  • ROBBIE HARTE is a singer/songwriter who is based in New York. She is originally from Montreal, Canada. Her unique style is described by her fans as compelling, inspirational and powerful.

    As a young girl, Robbie always dreamt of being a professional singer. However, that dream was put on hold 12 years ago after a life-changing injury left her in chronic pain and no longer able to sing.

    In the end, it was music that helped heal her the most. Robbie credits music for soothing her soul and giving her the strength and determination to push through the most difficult times.

    Three years ago, Robbie was compelled to sing again despite the pain, showing her young daughter with autism that a “disability should never stop her from chasing her dreams”.

    Robbie says it was music that gave her a voice, which she now uses to inspire and uplift others. Her soulful voice shines through and as it reaches the heart of the listener - Magic!

    Robbie is currently in the studio working on new music to be released in 2020.

    Singles by Robbie Harte:

    "17" (2020) - A sweet nostalgic song about love's journey throughout the years.

    "One Heart" (2020) - An inspiring and uplifting song about unity

    "Can't Stop Thinking of You" (2020)

    "Find a Way" (2019) - Inspired by her daughter with autism

    "Life Is Better" (2019) - Written about her young daughter with autism

    "Don't Count Me Out Just Yet" (2018) - Robbie's first single and her comeback onto the music scene after a long absence due to injury...telling the world "DON'T COUNT ME OUT JUST YET!"

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